Monday, March 9, 2009

A whole weekend of posts!

Sorry I've been away all weekend. I detect a trend in my blog of mostly blogging during the week, both because no one around me knows about my blog, and also because I tend to have incredibly busy weekends due to my job as a violinist. Many gigs happen on Saturdays and Sundays and I also teach most Saturday mornings.

In fact, here is a picture of the venue of the bridal show gig that I played yesterday.

It was a fancy-schmancy "one stop wedding shop" event that I played with a string quartet, advertising live music. There was some fun free food but due to the "Meatless in March" challenge I'm doing with Jenna, I only had:

-2 tiny plates of salad, one with feta and raspberries over mixed greens, the other with honeydew melon over bibb lettuce
-1 mini vanilla cupcake with whipped cream icing (advertising wedding cake services!)

I'm proud of myself for sticking to no meat. If I were eating meat this month, I could have tried some apricot chicken, some sort of tilapia, some sort of beef, and some other chicken dish. Fancy people, I tell you, fancy! :) Oh and here's the outside of the building. It was a bed and breakfast, with the grand hall (where we were) connected in the back.

Now that it's the work week again, I promise to have (hopefully fun!) pictures!

TRIGGER WARNING! The following involves calorie counting and could be triggering so read carefully!

Starting with today's breakfast and working backwards.

1/2 C oats/bran (150)
1 tsp ground flax (10)
1 TB raisins (40?)
1/2 C ff cottage cheese (90)
2 TB peanut butter! Yum! (180)
1 medium banana (100)

= 570

And I think I need to count calories for a while, just to make sure I'm not eating way more than I think. Because I am maintaining, but I have been trying to lose weight for 2 weeks and working out EVERY DAY and I'm exactly the same weight!

Has anyone had a similar experience to me? I use to be anorexic and it was miserable. I rarely even speak about those few years of my life because it was one of the most terrible experiences of my life. I am thankfully recovered and I reached a healthy weight, but I kept gaining weight in grad school, due to stressful years and too little sleep and exercise. Now that I am at a healthy MINDSET and actually sort of have semi-regular periods, I feel like I can safely and reasonably lose about 15 pounds. But it's actually very difficult due to the fact that I am constantly hungry and get really sick/weak when I'm slightly low on calories for a day. Like it's REALLY hard for me to survive on less than 1800 calories. It's just frustrating because I am working out and I'm eating nutritious/voluminous foods and drinking enough fluids but I can't cut enough calories to lose weight. And let me assure you all that I am safely over my natural (pre-ED) body weight. And no, I won't let this consume my life, even if I can't lose the weight.

OK anyway, sorry for posting that. I'm just a little frustrated right now.

And I definitely have to add that I snacked on cottage cheese and PB plus a carrot not even 2 hours after breakfast. Go figure. I'll use it for fuel at the gym later today!

Anyway, food from the weekend: (BY THE WAY, I do not post photos of everything I eat. In fact, I am missing a lot of photos, when I don't remember or don't want to be obvious in taking it. So realize, that this is DEFINITELY not everything I eat!)

Breakfast yesterday was pretty similar to today's, but it also had the last of my can on pumpkin in it. I will definitely be making a WF shop today and getting more! Sorry about the picture quality.

On Saturday, I was out running around all day (teach, gym, teach, symphony--roughly 10am-10pm) so I took pictures of the stuff I packed.

-BBQ tofu sandwich

-spinach with a tiny bit of leftover brown rice (like seriously a couple of TBs) and a few bites of tofu
-Fiber bar (Quaker's Fiber One knock off.) I really don't like these, and they give me stomach cramps! Same thing with the Fiber One bars. I don't know why, because I eat a ton of fiber. I think it's the type of fiber maybe? Coming from chicory root? Anyone else have this problem? And I always THINK I'll like them "ooh, chocolate peanut butter!..." but I NEED to NOT buy them anymore!
-half an almond butter and sf jelly sandwich

All together:

WHEW, but yes, I ate it all, spread out throughout the day. And that was after my breakfast of:

-2 slices of ww Tuscan pane from TJ with a lot of almond butter and jam

And a random snack of cottage cheese with cocoa powder, PB, and splenda I honestly love this combo, and it's healthy. Anyone else with me?

In the blog world, Missy Maintains is giving away a bunch of Erin's Baker treats. I have wanted to try these for so long and never gotten around to buying them. So I would LOVE to win! :)

And Emily at the Health Nut is giving away this cute meal planner.

Ok, enjoy your Mondays!

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