About Me

I am a Christian girl in my mid-twenties, striving to make a major career change while giving my best to everything I do. I have been a violinist my whole life, but I feel strongly called into the medical field. After taking two years of prerequisite classes to become a physician assistant, I was accepted to a PA program and will start in August. It seems surreal, but exciting! Ultimately, I would love to provide medical care to those most in need, whether locally or internationally. Besides school and continuing to work as a violinist to support myself, I adore CrossFit and train five days each week. I love how it challenges me and it's also just plan fun! I follow the (flexible) paleo diet (mainly because I no longer have struggles with hypoglycemia on it) and enjoy cooking and eating delicious paleo foods! I am completely recovered from anorexia and I hope to be able to encourage women who may have similar struggles. Basically, I adore my life right now and can't wait to see where this beautiful crazy ride takes me!

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