Friday, March 27, 2009

Sleep is good!

I managed to turn off my alarm clocks and wake up shortly before 11am. Luckily I didn't have to be anywhere this morning, although I am really good about getting up if I do have something to do. Plus, this weekend isn't going to involve a lot of sleeping, so I just appreciated it. I have a huge to do list to get done, but my whole day was (surprisingly!) free, so here's the afternoon agenda:
  • oil change (driving 2 hours north tomorrow and home of Sunday morning)
  • gym
  • laundry
  • pack for our out-of-town show on Saturday evening. It's about 5 hours away from me, and I'll be carpooling with the other guys for most of the way. It's our first show in a while, but it's leading into a very busy season for us (our CD release is in 2 weeks! plus a bunch of other shows) so I'm excited!
  • file papers that have been sitting on my floor for MONTHS
  • this might involve purchasing a new file folder since mine is almost full
  • on-line banking
  • pickup music from a friend for the recording session we're doing on Sunday (RIGHT after I get back into town!)
Hopefully I'll get it all done before I catch a live show tonight of an amazing group of musicians, who also happen to be my friends. :)

Breakfast was:

1/2 C oats
1/3 C pumpkin
1 tsp ground flax
6 fresh strawberries (I am HIGHLY creative!)
1 fig (I microwave it in water to soften it up! It's much better this way!)
1 TBSP or so of trail mix, mostly sunflower and pumpkin seeds

1/2 Cottage cheese

I finished the jar! I feel like a "real" food blogger now, since I'm posting pictures of my empty jar.

All gone!

I might have also had another 2 small spoonfuls of PB. Oops.

This is the chocolate PB Loco one.

Some random snacks from yesterday:

No explanation needed. :)

I think this is my favorite flavor of Vitatop.

My leftover whole grain baguette from Panera Bread. Eaten on the way to rehearsal yesterday night. I also had a Light and Fit yogurt at home, but no picture because the roommate was around.


Nikes and Ponytails (cute name!) is giving away so many awesome foodie finds! Ends Wednesday.

Jumbo Empanadas is giving away a VITAMIX blender. I NEED one of these, so please don't actually enter. :) Ends tonight.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. You have a crazy weekend planned! Have fun, though!

    Love your colorful. :-)

    I also need to get an oil change and do laundry...just one of those weekends, huh?!

  2. Hello! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I love yours too! Without God, I don't where I would be.

    Good luck on your weekend--busy busy! Great eats :)

    <3 jess :)


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