Monday, May 23, 2011

Marathon sponsors?

Sooo, I have a tiny problem on my hands. I officially ADORED the Pittsburgh Marathon and I am itching to sign up for another FULL marathon...SOON!

But they are so dang freaking expensive!!

Even the "cheap" ones are around $75, running up to $100 or more. Just for the entry fee! Not including the gas to drive there (not that big of a deal) and the motel room! I realized today that I'd have to pay for two nights at a hotel because well, I'd be somewhere around mile 19 when check out time rolled around!


So this is my official announcement that hopefully falls into awesome hands via the power of the interwebz. I need a marathon sponsor. Badly. Hey, I could take pictures of and review the course and the four people who read my blog could learn ALL about it! What's not to love?! Seriously, we could be a dream match! Email me at: That's my real address.

Or, more realistically, I could just start saving money and pay for the damn thing myself.

Have you run any marathons or half marathons? Which ones do you love? Which ones have you heard good things about?

Thanks. I'm going to go back to drooling over Columbus Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon (sold out! the nerve of it!), Grand Rapids Marathon (helloooo, visit to my sister as well as having moral support on course), Akron Marathon, Air Force Marathon, and Philadelphia Marathon.

And maybe cry in the corner a little bit in jealousy of all who are running in them.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon in 5 hours, 14 minutes, and about 30 seconds!! I AM THRILLED!! I almost started crying as I crossed the finish line! It was truly an exhilaration like nothing I've ever experienced!

It is so strange to think that something I worked so hard for is over! These past 5 months were hard. I was juggling working, taking an Intermediate Algebra class (that was study-intensive!) and still making the time to train for the marathon. I turned down many social hangouts in order to run or study or sleep. And it was all worth it!! I can't help but compare the marathon to real life: sometimes like around mile 18 it just seems so hard and hopeless, but you just have to keep going. You can't give up just because you don't feel like doing anymore. And for me specifically, I am hoping my career change will bring the same sense of satisfaction. I am NOT giving up on it, even though it's hard and may appear foolish to many people. (I am "wasting" so much time and money on classes!)

I am almost unsore and I am ITCHING to sign up for another marathon! Right now running seems like the small beacon of hope in my currently semi-depressing life. Not to be all Debbie-downer, but I am extremely discontented with my life. Of course, that's why I'm working to change that, but it will be several years before I've even completed the pre-requisites. And I'm hoping that running marathons and half marathons will provide me things to look forward to and to break up the monotony of every day life. This is another reason I run.

Have a great Wednesday! And tell me:

What's the hardest thing you've accomplished in your life? And what thing are you the most proud of?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Why I Run

Why do I run?

It's a question I think about a lot. Almost every day, really. I run because it's hard for me. Every single mile I complete is a challenge both physically and mentally. Without fail, I'm usually ready to stop running after about 1/2 mile. But there is a kind and determined voice inside of me that says "Keep trying. You can do it. Don't give up." And this is extremely significant because for the first 23 years of my life, that same voice was a malicious, self-loathing one that only told me multiple times each day how ugly, fat, stupid and worthless I was. Where the change happened, I'm not exactly sure. Yes, it was definitely after the several year struggle with anorexia, then bulimia, along with chewing and spitting, binge eating, and restriction for years. But after I was recovered from harmful eating habits, I was still plagued by just-as-harmful thoughts toward myself and others. I hated myself and my body this time not because of what I weighed, but because of the fact that I "couldn't" run. I directed my self-hate to getting better at running. Although I did improve at running, my mentality was still extremely punishing and I only drove myself to shin splints and a stress fracture. It looked good on the surface ("Running is healthy!") but I was still tearing myself apart emotionally.

To be quite honest, I don't know exactly the moment where the change happened. But I suspect it happened after I realized I was running myself into the ground, not based on 100 mile weeks, but on my attitude. It likely happened when I realized I literally drove my boyfriend away from me due to this new, slightly more creative form of disordered eating/mentality. It definitely happened when I renewed my promise to be kind to myself, in part due to the wonderful fitness blogs out there. (,,, among others.) And it happened when I realized that harming myself and making running an idol is a sin. And it happened in so many little things. It happened when I accomplished my goal of running a 5K without any walking breaks. And when I was forced to take last summer off because standing, much less running hurt so much due to the stress fracture. Ironically it happened when I had some "WTF are you doing?" moments while running. And it happened when I heard "I Run for Life" by Melissa Etheridge.

In other words, I now run because it makes my soul happy. Running keeps me healthy, physically and more importantly, mentally. Running forces me to be kind to myself, especially if I am to complete my goal of the Pittsburgh Marathon this Sunday! Running gives me an outlet for stress relief and provides me something that I can be proud of in my life. Every single time I complete one more mile, I am thankful for who running has helped me become. I consider it a blessing that it was and still is hard for me, because I never take it for granted. I want to inspire others to be kind to themselves, whether it is through running, or nutritious eating, or learning to voice their opinions, or learning that it's OK to say no, or that it's not selfish to get all nine hours of sleep that your body may require. I run because I can and I want to.

And that's why I'm running 26.2 this Sunday!

Be kind to yourselves!