Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday cake is not good running fuel.

My lesson is learned. Well, at least until the next time someone offers me free birthday cake. :) I don't turn down "unhealthy food" very often when I really want to taste it because I denied myself pleasurable experiences with food for so long and I refuse to do that anymore. There are many times when I really don't want certain foods (mainly fast food) but I'm "allowed" to eat absolutely anything I want. No exceptions. I know by this point that I will feel better when I eat more nutritious foods and less sugar (I have had hypoglycemia in the past and it still shows up every now and then). My body will function better and longer on veggies, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats. But other food is part of life and it is to be enjoyed and appreciated.

With that being said, the cake was only OK. Not the best cake I've ever had and really nothing special, but good enough that I ate it with my fingers. I didn't have a spoon or fork and I was alone. I iz matur. (Said with an LOL cats accents!)

By the way, I had this at work which today was teaching for 2.5 hours then playing a religious service for 1.5 hours. My boss (who is awesome!) gave it to me afterwards in her office and I ate it while looking over two new violins we had gotten in. (Hence the being alone part).

I had an awesome workout even without the most healthy fuel. Haha, I ran for 28 minutes on the treadmill, then my gym closed and so I did another 20 minutes of running/walking around my block. It felt good, which was the most important thing.

Lastly, some more blog world giveaways:

Be sure to enter Jaime's giveaway for Oikos coupons! I've never tried flavored Oikos, so I would love to win!

Run to the Finish is having a MyWay cereal giveaway. You can create your own cereal mix but the price is a little steep for me. Thus winning would be the perfect way for me to get some! :)

Melissa is giving away almonds! What a great, nutritious snack!


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  1. I like your food philosophy. :-)

    Glad you still had a great workout!

    I am prepping for auditions and hoping that I'll be able to blow the conductors out of the water when they find out the person behind the curtain is me (like you did). :-)


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