Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all dads!

What did you do with and/or for your dad today? Mine is across the country, so I'll probably just send an e-card and call home.

Here's my delicious smoothie breakfast, which I've been having almost every day first thing in the morning!

This one is:

-hemp protein powder
-fresh strawberries
-fresh grapes
-frozen blueberries
-Peanut butter

And on Friday, I went on a bike ride that accidentally turned into 3 hours! Whoops! I definitely wasn't prepared with enough food and water (two dates and 1/2 a bottle of water doesn't cut it!)

But I came home and devoured the most beautiful sight ever:

I had three quarters of it and the remaining quartet was consumed a few hours later. Gone, just like that! But I will CERTAINLY be buying it again, because it was one of the most delicious things I've eaten recently. I only wish it had a whole grain crust and that it didn't cost so much $$$. But Amy's, you are looked upon fondly and I look forward to trying your other pizzas and really, all of your other products.

I haven't run on my leg for 3 1/2 weeks now, and it still hurts quite a bit, some of the time. (For example, I feel it heavily if I take even 3 steps to run across a street!) Does anyone with experience of a stress fracture know how long I should take off? (I can't really see a doctor because my health insurance is crappier-than-crappy but I'm assuming it's a stress fracture at this point. I know my body pretty well.)

Well, I'm going to crawl into bed and read. It's only 10:30pm, but I'm ready to call it a night.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tempermental camera

Hah! So my camera decided to give me back all my pictures today! Very funny, camera, OK? But hey, at least I have good pictures now!

So let's jump right in to some of my food over the last few days, that I wanted to show you before. A few nights ago, I made a dinner that felt fancy to me:

Sole fillet-
brussel sprouts with hummus,

chips and salsa and of course, I rocked this white wine.

(Don't mind the coffee pot in the upper left corner--my counter tops are small!)

I mixed salsa with Greek yogurt (it's REALLY good, especially for cutting the heat from more spicy salsas) and dipped multigrain Food Should Taste Good chips into it.

And my other extremely successful dinner of this week was Indian food! (Or at least, the easy but healthy and delicious kind!)

I prepped a whole pan of zucchini and mushrooms and sauteed them a bit in EVOO and garlic:

Then I dumped this Kook's Vindaloo sauce over top of them and let it simmer for a long time (~20 minutes?)

The sauce is quite spicy, but lucky for me, I like spicy! :) What's your opinion of spicy food?

Isn't it beautiful?!

Over top of brown rice I made that was a sample in my Pittsburgh Half Marathon goody bag. It came in the most adorable little single person, 4 oz bag.

I think I had 2 or three (small) platefuls of this:

'Twas delicious!!

And most of my breakfasts lately have included smoothies, as I discovered the appeal of the Green Monster. (I'm only like 3 years late, I know...!)

Full fat cheddar (I don't buy lowfat cheese any more!) on whole wheat, with a blueberry green monster and coffee! Most of my breakfasts have looked exactly like that, except for sometimes I put Peanut butter on the toast if that sounds better on any given morning.

And one slightly different breakfast (on Monday before my 40 mile bike ride) was:

Slathered in ketchup
OK, I'm off to shower and then go teach. Tomorrow I'm taking my car in to get the brake pads replaced! They are SOOO worn down and desperately need to be replaced!! Here's to hoping that I get to both teaching studios safely today! Luckily, I really don't have to drive all that far (probably a totally of 15 miles today) so I should be OK. UGH though--not fun having your car shudder as you try to stop!!

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dying camera

Ugh, my camera is either at or near the end of its life! :( Not cool camera, not cool. I swear, I've been taking great pictures of amazing food, and it just deletes them for no reason! Grrr!!

I will try to resolve its issue soon (or just buy a new camera!) so that I can show you some delicious food! I mean, today I went on a 4 hour and 11 minute bike ride, so I obviously had to eat some good fuel. On the actual bike ride I just had a Nugo bar (a locally made protein bar that's delicious!) and 2 dates.
(sorry it's so small; it's courtesy of Google Images, and they are all small)

But for breakfast I had a lovely egg/veggie/cheese scramble, a slice of toast with white chocolate dreams PB.
Magic, right there. :)

When I came home I inhaled a leftover tupperware of brown rice with sauteed zucchini and Indian sauce of some sort (forget what it was called). Plus a bowl of puffed kamut and Optimum blueberry with skim milk and a big blob of peanut butter. Plus some more strawberries and a banana with PB. What can I say, I was hungry, and I had to immediately start teaching violin for 3 hours, so I wanted to stay nourished through it.

After teaching, I had dinner with my friend: 3 (smallish) slices of bread with EVOO and spices for dipping, a bit of fish, whole wheat pasta, corn and a small side salad. Finished off with a small bowl of frozen yogurt.

It was delicious and I feel GREAT! (It's amazing how many calories biking requires, while being much easier on my body than running!)

OK, while I'm lame and have a dying camera, you should check out this giveaway for Tanabars.
And this one, for cute workout towels.

And hopefully I'll be less lame soon!

For now, I'm one tired girl, so it's bed time. Good night!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

One more try at this blogger thing

The title says it all. I really want to give food blogging another chance. I read enough blogs and I eat good enough food that it deserves to be blogged about. So I'm back, and I apologize for the long break.

My May was crazy! But it's over and the BEST thing is that I moved to my OWN, one bedroom apartment!! I love it! And the view from my back yard isn't bad either:

Lately, I've been working out A LOT. For a couple of reasons. 1) It's my stress relief, 2) It's fun to accomplish goals and 3) I made my hobby my job, so I definitely need other hobbies.

In early May I ran the Pittsburgh Half Marathon and it went OK. It was a rough race, with a high humidity and it started raining by mile 1.5! Additionally, I started the race way hungry and felt faint by mile 3, so big problems for me. All in all, my time could have been a lot better, and it could have been MUCH worse, so I'll leave it at that. Unfortunately, my shin splints have been bothering me so much, and I'm going to give running a rest for now, while still keeping up with all other forms of working out that I can do.

I'll post more about working out in the next post, but let's just say I've been doing 1-2 hours a day FOR FUN, so obviously I've needed to increase the calories I've been eating. (Today's workout was 30 minutes of rowing, 20 minutes of abs conditioning, and 30 minutes of the stair stepper at level 10.) Here's a sampling of the deliciousness.

Breakfasts have been a lot of these:

1 egg, a couple of egg whites, cheddar cheese, sauteed mushroom and spinach and toast with jam. Epic, pretty much.

When I crave something for 3 or 4 days and the feelings won't go away, I know that it's then time to buy it...PIZZA in this case!!

I love Kashi so much, it's not even funny! This was the first time I had actually purchased any of their pizzas, and of course they did not disappoint! It was splendid and I ate 3/4 of the pizza the first night. The next day I had this lovely dinner:

Food Should Taste Good chips are MY FAVORITE chips BY FAR. Like, I barely even look at other chips on the shelves! I still haven't tired their sweet potato, olive or chocolate ones, and I MUST do so, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

What is your favorite flavor of Food Should Taste Good chips? What do you pair them with?

Finally, two desserts I have enjoyed recently:

Green and Black's Organic Dark 85%: Some of the absolute best chocolate ever! Way rich on the tongue and full of complex flavor! It's hard to describe the flavor, except to say that when I think of pure chocolately goodness, this is what I imagine. I will definitely be buying this again!

And a free brownie:

As always, this is only a small sampling of what I eat. I'll try to post again soon. In the meantime, I'm going to go read this book:

It is very interesting and I think that in the best possible way. Quite fascinating, actually, to discuss the sacred feminine in a religion (Christianity) that has been dominated by patriarchy for SO LONG.

What good books are you currently reading?