Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moving time!

I am so excited to be moving to my own house (still renting) in about 3 weeks. My current roommates are absolutely unbearable, disrespectful and some of the most obnoxious people I've ever had the misfortune of knowing. They are messy and lazy and have recently minded my teaching lessons at my house, despite KNOWING that I am a violin teacher and they told me that was OK from before the first day I moved in. I will be in my own one bedroom house and it will be amazing! :)

Also, I have signed up for two more 5Ks, one on Saturday April 17th and one on Sunday April 25th, which will be exactly 1 week before the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, which I am doing. What can I say? I just find organized races to be SO EXCITING! Way more fun than just normal running! The first 5K supports an agency that looks to end child abuse and the second 5K is just a fun family run with pizza, subs and beer offered afterward. But in both cases, one of my friends who is not a runner is signing up for them with me! I'm so excited to be able to run with my friends and introduce them to it, considering how much of a beginner I was just a couple months ago, and that I still think of myself and a novice, at best.

I've been enjoying several runs around a 5.4 mile loop on (paved) riverfront trails that are GORGEOUS, and I'm going to try and do 2 loops (10.8 and I'll add a mile in downtown hopefully) sometime this week, for my last long run before the half marathon on May 2nd.

Injury Update: I'm SO pleased to say that my shin seems to be hanging in there quite well. I assume that I am one of those people whose bodies really is NOT designed for running and therefore I can probably only run 3 days a week tops, if I want to stay even semi-injury free. (The shin is kind of always questionable but definitely not the intense shooting pain that forced me not to run for 2 months.) I bought new insoles and they seem to be helping. The gigantic blister is almost healed and I think wearing double layer socks solves that problem. So I've bought 3 pairs and they are extremely comfortable to run in.

I'll include some food pictures in the next post. And when I'm on the trail, I'll take some pictures of the most beautiful city in the world. (Pittsburgh, for anyone who's wondering. Now you know. Don't stalk me. Hehe.) But I just wanted to check in now. I've been teaching A LOT, and babysitting a lot as well. Which I'm doing tonight. But it's for an AWESOME family, so it will be good.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to comment on blogs right now!