Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So hungry!

Which isn't surprising because I know I was under caloried (haha, my term) yesterday.

Today I woke up starving and put coffee on. Then I made a huge bowl of oatmeal/bran:

-GENEROUS 1/2 C dry oats/bran mix w. water
-1/3 C pumpkin (finished the can)
- 2T (?) raisins

-1 small organic banana
-1/4 C fat free cottage cheese (also finished this!)
-added a few TBSPs of Greek yogurt later for more protein (not pictured)
-large spoon of almond butter (that is hard to see in the pictures since I had covered it with oatmeal so that it would melt)

I knew I wasn't even full (I should have eaten something yesterday night!) but I knew I could wait a bit. So less than 2 hours later I had a fancy sandwich of:

-1 piece artisan WW bread from Trader Joes

-garlic hummus



-slice of low fat sharp cheddar also from TJ.

This is going to be made again for dinner, except with 2 slices of bread! Yay!

I also could not stop eating almond butter and have probably now successfully consumed 3-4 TBs today! *smirks* Accompanied with an apple and 1/2 another piece of bread.

And finally the other 1/2 piece of bread was covered in hummus.

In the blogging world:

Lucky Taste Buds is having a Barney Butter giveaway! After so much raving throughout the blog world, I really want to try these! I just haven't been able to find them anywhere, so I need to win them!

Also, Krista at Krista's Kravings is having a giveaway for a some products that all look great, and none of which I've ever tried! I am personally the most excited about trying the Pampered Chef Mocha Hazelnut Sprinkles! Can you imagine how fabulous that would be in oatmeal and/or coffee?! Oh, I'm drooling. Whoops. Haha, not really, but pretty close to it.

OK, I'm off to shower, then the gym and then going to do a bit of shopping and banking before teaching from 4:30-9:15pm. See you later!

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