Monday, March 16, 2009

Catch up posting

I have pictures for you today!

Yes, I know I didn't post over the weekend. My weekend included:

-being at school (to practice) from 12-6 on Friday
-7:30-10:30pm dress rehearsal Friday night (plus an hour drive each way)
-teaching 10am-3pm on Saturday (no breaks--I was starving afterwards!)
-gym 4:30-5:30pm on Saturday (watched a hockey game while running on the treadmill!)
-played a symphony concert Saturday night from 7:30-10pm (plus an hour drive each way) -picking up a friend who didn't have his keys, hanging out with him
-quick library run for some sheet music for a Sunday gig

-treated myself to Panera Bread's veggie sandwich (so good! I have to take a moment to express how much I ADORE PANERA BREAD!! In the spirit of Meatless in March I am still being completely vegetarian for this whole month)
-Sunday afternoon Jewish wedding gig (played)--we were held overtime, but at least got compensated for it
-drove home to teach a violin lesson
-Food co-op grocery shopping on their monthly member appreciation day (where everything is a 10% discount! :)

  • kale (organic)
  • 1 avocado (organic)
  • bag of apples (organic)
  • 1 purple onion (organic)
  • purple cabbage (organic)
  • non dairy carob chips (delicious!)
  • red quinoa (organic)
  • adzuki beans (currently soaking)
  • 1 Spirunela (sp?) Raw Revolution bar (CAN'T WAIT to try this!! I've seen it all around blogland)
  • 1 apple pie Larabar (another thing that I've heard so much about!)
  • box of Optimum Slim cereal
  • ww Rudi's flax bread (I LOVE Rudi's!!)
I read a great article on body image today. Check it out! She talks about having spent so much time and energy that could've been used for better things, but instead were spent worrying about 10 pounds and weather or not she was thin enough for acceptance. This is so true--what a liberating experience to be able to say "I'm going to be good to my body for maximum health and energy and just not worry about what exact size I am or whether I look fat with an extra 5 lbs." I still get caught up in it too often, but I am much more frequently able to appreciate my body for its health and what it can do for me: allows me to live life to the fullest!

Onto my eats. I drank a little too much yesterday (ahem, and thank you for not mentioning it) and woke up feeling dehydrated. I've been drinking water + coffee all morning like it's going out of style. But I lso had a banana with PB and 2 whole grain pomegranate waffles with blueberries, a few non-dairy carob chips and more PB on them:

First one:

2nd one:

(the same spoon of PB in both pictures!)

I'm going to have to eat something else soon here, but those were amazing! :)

And on Saturday I packed a ton of food for the day:

-BBQ tofu sandwhich w. lowfat cheese on the bread (the black thing on the bread is carmelized BBQ sauce)
-yogurt with Kashi and granola mixture
-tofu with sauteed veggies
-somewhere in there half a NuGo protein bar (locally made) and a Clif Z bar were both consumed

And just to re-cap my breakfast for 3 days straight (it was that good!):

-cottage cheese
-coffee of course ( I can't do mornings w/o it and I'm not motivated at all to cut back, so hopefully it's not THAT bad for me, even in the quantities in which I consume it.

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