Friday, March 20, 2009

Orange you glad it's Friday?

OK, that was llllammme! I'm sorry.

Yesterday was one again, an interesting evening for me. My afternoon was incredibly productive. I:

-cleaned my room
-swiffered my floors
-did a load of laundry
-put away said clothes
-filed a bunch of papers
-did NOT take a nap, despite being tired

I snacked on a small pack of Jelly Belly's (*talk about quality nutrition--just kidding!*) but I didn't eat 6 of the beans that were in flavors I don't like. (The pictured beans are the ones I don't like and so I threw them away.)

I also grabbed my last bite of an Apple Cinnamon Larabar:

My evening was spent in rehearsal for a contemporary classical music ensemble for which I am the core and principal violinist. It's cool because I'm about 10 years younger than everyone else in the group! :-D I had to walk there though (~1 mile, with the violin on my back!), because my car is still in the shop. Tuns out the starter needs to be replaced and they quoted me at $370 (including labor!) Ugh!! Not cool, but at least it will be done today and fixed, so I will have a reliably starting car, which is more than can be said for the past month!

I am always much less hungry in the evenings, so I just grabbed the last few bites of my sauteed veggies + less than half of a whole grain fruit bar from my local co-op. I didn't take pictures because my roommate was there and I want to keep this under the radar so far. On that note: I might publicize it in the future, and I haven't been completely secretive of the blog. I'm sure if someone who knows me were to read much of this blog, they would be able to identify me. That would be fine, I just don't want to make it so public with my name and stuff that it would show up in Google search results, due to my life as a musician. I am starting to play some bigger shows (non-classical) and I might have people googling for me in association with the band. Therefore, even though I'm proud of this blog, and I love the food/nutrition blogging community, I wanted to keep it mostly anonymous.

So back to food! (yay!) I was a tiny bit hungry after a 3 hour rehearsal and the 30 minute walk but I was so tired that I just went to bed around 11:45pm (early for me).

I was planning on sleeping a long time so I was woken by my phone at 10:15am. But I got up and made this bowl of oats:

In it:

1/2 C oats
1/2 C (-ish) pumpkin
frozen cherries
frozen wild blueberries
couple TBs of trail mix (lots of sunflower seeds!)
1 chopped fig
1/3 C cottage cheese
small spoon of PB

Plus an orange on the side.

Delicious!! :)

I need to to get my car back (yay!) so I'll blog my (really good!) lunch in a bit. This post is going up now because my roommate was here all morning/afternoon until now. I'm also going to go get a free Italian Ice from a place here in town (to celebrate the first day of Spring!!) and watch the Penguin's hockey game over a beer or two tonight. See you tonight for the day's recap!

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