Thursday, March 5, 2009

Strawberry-pumpkin oats!

Good morning everyone. This needs to be a quick post as I feel overwhelmed with stuff to do today.

To do list:

  • Send wedding contract
  • Send Susan G. Komen gig contract
  • Mail 2 books
  • Practice
  • Workout
  • Check out a store closing for sales!
  • While at the shopping center, buy a 2009-10 planner (I'm starting to book gigs and shows in July and my current planner only goes to June 09. And yes, I prefer a hard copy that I carry in my purse.)
  • Pay credit card bills on-line
  • Clean room
  • Buy more packing tape (I've been mailing out a lot of books!)
  • Maybe a costco trip?
I will be very pleased if I can get all this done! There will be food in there somewhere.

OK, my absolutely yummy breakfast:

-1/2 C oats/bran
-1 TB ground flax
-1/4 C pumpkin
-frozen strawberries (1/2 C?)
-spoon of PB (1-2 TBs; probably 1 1/2)


-1 TJ veggie sausage patty w. ketchup

Plus my book (which is very good):

For my packed dinner from yesterday (eaten in my car) I had:

-2 slices of TJ whole wheat pane bread
-garlic hummus
-1 tomato basil Morningstar patty
-few leaves of spinach


-brown rice and beans with frozen spinach and hummus stirred in

I also had a Zone perfect Almond bar that was in my purse. The nutrition facts/picture are here.

It was *really* good and I'm going to get a few more since they're on sale for $1 each at my grocery store! I know they're processed, but I crave cholate all the time and they're so much better than regular chocolate. They have 12 grams of protein, but fiber and vitamins/minerals! Yay!

Lastly, Oh She Glows is having a Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred giveaway here. And Mom on the Run is giving away RAW revolution bars here.

I'm out. Peace!


  1. Hi!
    We are rehearsing with Nancy Galbraith at Duquesne University on Sat the 21st at 10 am. It's a workshop and not a performance, so I'm not sure if it's open to the public. I just found out that all of our performances will be in Cleveland and not Pittsburgh..we're only workshopping with Nancy.

    I do have some free time though on that day if you want to meet up! Email me at!

  2. I really need to try different things with my oats. Yours look really good!

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Mom on the Run-I use oats as a great base for higher calorie (delicious) toppings! At some point I should probably compile a list of all the toppings I've used. Granola, energy chunks, tons of different fruit, nuts/nut butters, pumpkin, flax, seeds of all kinds, chocolate in various forms, etc. All adds to the deliciousness. :)


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