Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh no, no oats!

That's right; I woke up not wanting oats. I wandered into the kitchen, turned the coffee pot on and ate a carrot

before before deciding to make a breakfast wrap:

1 ww tortilla from TJ
1 whole egg, one eggwhite, scrambled
.75 oz of lf cheese (all I had left!)
large portion of mixed sauteed kale, onion, and mushrooms.
(Here is the pan of veggies I made this morning:)

I put the eggs, then the veggies on the tortilla and topped it with salsa:

I gotta be honest, this is not my favorite salsa and I generally love all foods. I chose it at WF because it looked really good and had good nutritionals (not too much sodium, etc) but there's a weird aftertaste that reminds me of soap. Yes, soap. I don't know if it's supposed to be one of the three kinds of peppers or what. It's just not that good. Which is a shame because I had high hopes for it. I'd have to give it a 2 out of 5 stars for taste if I were offically reviewing it. I want to try the other flavors in the 365 brand because I'm sure they're better. If WF wants to send me them (or anything really) to try and review, I'd be happy to do so. OK, so that wasn't very subtle. Oops; sorry.

Up close and personal:

But anyway, I'm still eating said salsa because I hate wasting food. So I topped my wrap and it actually turned out pretty well:

I think I was craving something with veggies because I never know if I'll get any veggies on the road (for band shows). One time I had to survive several meals on a couple of Clif bars, plain (non-healthy) chocolate (free samples at a conference) and a few slices of pizza. It sounds great until you actually DO IT, especially when we all normally eat a lot healther stuff and our bodies aren't used to huge amounts of chocolate and grease. But back to breakfast...

I finished with a banana. Yum!

On a gym note, check out this impressive bruise on my knee from racquetball:

I didn't get a workout in yesterday and it's not going to happen today either. Hopefully I will be able to sqeeze one in between teaching and going to a concert tomorrow when I return from playing today's show.

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. I just ate a chocolate Vita-top too because I was craving chocolate. :)


  1. hi girlie, thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    hope the leg heals soon!
    i love the last sentence of your post....having the vitamuffin cause u felt like chocolate :) love it!
    have a great saturday!

  2. Awe take care of that knee. Your wrap looks yummy!

  3. The wrap looks really good! Sorry the salsa tasted like...soap, haha. Love your description. :-)

    Hope the knee heals quickly!


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