Thursday, March 26, 2009

I will get stronger!

I have been enjoying large amounts of exercise! Today I went to the gym with a friend for strength training (arms and abs) for about 45 minutes and I played racquetball with another friend right afterwords for 1 hour and 20 minutes. So obviously I needed a lot of fuel.

Breakfast (similar to yesterday):

1/2 C oats
1/3 C pumpkin
fresh strawberries
1/3 C ff cottage cheese

Obviously I needed some fat too, and it didn't get pictured, but I had a (large) TBSP of PB on a banana while making the oats. And coffee of course.

After the first workout I got Starbucks with my friend and had a small apple.

My drink of choice: a venti black coffee with a little skim and sweetener.

Excuse the photo quality. I might have been driving while I snapped it. Kids, don't try this at home.

After racquetball, we stopped at Panera for lunch. I didn't get a picture because I haven't told any of my friends about the blog. I had their veggie sandwich. I like it, but I really want to be able to order my beloved Apple Chicken Salad again, after Meatless in March is over. I got a whole grain baguette on the side which was saved to be eaten either tonight or tomorrow. I love their whole grain bread, and also asked them to make my sandwhich on it, instead of whatever white bread it comes on. Panera's website says the sandwich had 610 calories, which I really don't understand because all that's on it is some hummus (not THAT much), veggies, and just a little feta cheese. Maybe slightly fewer calories on WG bread. I'm not too concerned but I just really think that is high. I also had a slice of their tomato basil bread that was being sampled. Delicious!

And I made a quick Whole Foods stop on the way home:

-Food Should Taste Good chips (they had a sample of these andI've seen them around Blogland)

-Clif Z bars (of which one has already been eaten!)

-a Raw Whey protein bar. I've seen this on Jenna's blog. I can't wait to try it.

-skim milk
-Greens and whey protein drink. I just wanted to try it and it was only $1.59. Somehow it escaped the big picture of everything.

-strawberries (my 3rd carton in about a week. Shout out to Emily! :)
-a champagne mango ($1...and I want to try this!)
-a grapefruit (also on sale for $1)

-a sweet potato
-treated myself to a small amount of the hot foods bar because I knew I needed more protein after my lunch. So I got 2 different kinds of tofu:

The triangles with peppers are in a sweet and sour sauce and the cubes are coconut lime I think. I ate them when I got home (my muscles are thanking me!) and preferred the sweet and sour ones. But I ate it all. Yum!

I feel like I ate too much, but I'm really not all that full, so I'm just going to roll with it. Off to shower, practice for an hour then teach for an hour, grab some more to eat (most likely) and rehearse for 3 hours tonight.

Tina is having a PURE bar giveaway. These are great oatmeal toppers and I have only recently had my first one ever!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! And I hope it's less rainy and warmer by you than by me!


  1. thanks for the comments on my blog! i too am a christian, isn't God good?
    a professional violinist? wow! the only thing im professional at is watching tv...
    have a great day!

  2. Thanks for the shout out!! :)

  3. I have been wanting to try those chips, I saw them at my Giant Eagle today.

  4. Yay..Z Bars are my favorite!

    Hope that rehearsal goes well!

    (I'm practicing for spring band auditions). :-)


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