Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I haven't updated my blog in forever, but I'm continuing to follow the healthy living blog world and I actually do want to be a part of it, despite my failure to maintain this. Anyway, an update is in order. Life has gotten marginally better since my last post. En route to becoming a registered dietician, I've taken Introduction to Computers, Pre-Algebra, and Intro to Nutrition, and am currently taking Intermediate Algebra. Math is so not my strong suite. But this is the last math class I'll have to take, hopefully ever! I'm looking over my schedule on-line and trying not to get discouraged over how long it will take me to even complete the one year post-baccalaureate program, in addition to the 2 year masters. But I want this for me. And I want this for those that I will be able to help in the future. It's frustrating to be paying out of picket for all my classes, but I'm trying to take it slow and steady.

Anyway, this was a quick update as I'm so sick. Yesterday I had a fever that topped out at 102.2 and although thankfully it's down to about 99.2, I still don't feel good. No energy and my head still really hurts. The worst part of all is that I can't taste anything!! :( This is terrible for a foodie, like myself! I've been trying to get LOTS of fluids in me and also to eat somewhere close to enough calories. I made this for myself and finished the box between yesterday and today:

Thank goodness for Annie's Mac and Cheese! Other than that, I've had a few bowls of oatmeal with PB and berries, a pumelo grapefruit, an orange, and a slice of toast with PB. IN TWO DAYS. Obviously this is nowhere near enough calories, but I'm trying. Every bite hurts. :( Fluids have included a crap ton of water, 2 glasses of greens powder with water and about 6 big mugs of fruit tea.

I had to cancel all my work for today. Gosh, I hope I'm better tomorrow!