Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy bee!

Good evening everyone!

Today I woke up at 7, baby-sat an 11 month old little girl from 8:30am-1pm, drove home, did some e-mails and made lunch, then grabbed coffee at Starbucks, did a quick Big Lots shop (for more cans of Healthy Choice soup for $1.30!) and then taught violin from 4:30-9:30pm. I filled up the gas tank (yay), arrived home around 10:15pm, and read one blog before getting a message from the bf about an obligation to show up at a local bar where we hang out. I really didn't want to go, but his phone was dying and he was going to meet me there, so I needed to show up briefly. It's now 11:15pm, and I have almost the same schedule tomorrow. (Baby-sit 8:30-12:30, teach 2-8pm.) Of course, I don't actually feel tired at all right now, seeing as I'm on the latelateLATE musicians' schedule, but I'll regret it tomorrow if I don't get to bed within an hour. Still need to brush teeth, pay the Comcast bill on-line and I must always read at least 10 minutes or so every night before bed. It definitely helps me sleep better! Even if I am reading about teenage vampires. ;-)

So the point is that I don't think it's the best idea to put up a full post, even though I am wide awake right now. I'm really trying hard to prioritize sleep, but that's not always easy for me. I hope everyone had a lovely day and I'll see you all tomorrow night!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Blah day.

Good evening everyone. It's Monday around 9pm and I wanted to recap my day quickly, because there were some lovely eats. As for exercise...does a 40 minute walk and a few push ups count? ;-) Honestly, it's getting colder here (= 50 degrees is cold for me!) and although I don't want to make excuses, it made it really hard to want to exercise. (And my gym was closed for Yom Kippur.) So I just enjoyed the walk.


I did sign up for a 5K race this Sunday at the local zoo! It should be super cool, because I'm heard that you can see the animals while you run! And all the proceeds benefit the zoo, so it doesn't matter that I will probably have to take many walking breaks. Plus, my boyfriend is running it with me! I'll let you know how it goes!

Onto my food.

I made a bowl of oat bran today, but I need to switch it up soon, because I didn't enjoy this very much. *Gasp*

-ground flax
-some black grapes cut up
-1/2 a banana
-cottage cheese

With coffee:

Then I was literally on the computer all morning (blog addiction! But don't tell anyone!) until lunch. (Wow, that really makes it seem like I have no life!)

I made this lovely meal:

Started with this:

(one zucchini, 1/4 white onion with EVOO and garlic)

Then I added this to the pan, which was EXCELLENT, by the way!

Leftovers in the pan:

Up close and personal:

With dry toast. I hate butter! I do salt it though--is that weird?

Went out for a walk, did some work around the house, overall it was a very lazy day! I need to do something with myself in the mornings! But tomorrow and Wednesday I have LONG days of baby-sitting 8:30am-12:30pm, then teaching all afternoon (3-8 and 2-8 respectively) both days! So I'll keep busy enough. And I'm honestly exhausted. I have no idea why, but I considering getting in bed right after I finish this post to be asleep by 10pm. That's super early for me, but my body is asking for sleep. I don't see why I should fight it. I just hope I'm not getting sick! (By the way, I sleep a ridiculous amount--like I think I need 9 to 10 hours each night (does anyone know why this is?!?) and the past 2 nights have been closer to 6, so maybe that's why!)

How much sleep do you get every night? How much do you think your body really needs and does its best at?

I use to survive on 3-6 hours in grad school, but I felt awful all the time. Now my body has rebelled and insists on at least 6-8 every night, but more like 9-10 is better!

Back to food though. I had a quick snack before teaching from 5-7pm.

And finally for dinner, I made soup and toast, because I have been freezing for the past 3 days! I wanted something warm!

I ate the whole can. Everyone knows there is not really two servings in there!

Toast with cheddar cheese!

And since I have been hungry ALL DAY (argh!) I made a dessert sampler plate--YES, this is a VERY good idea, in case you were wondering!

-1/2 a banana
-1 Kashi Trail Mix cookie
-1 square amazingly ridiculously good 70% dark chocolate bar from Whole Foods!
(And unpictured, I had sugar free hot chocolate with this!)

**Edit: I'm not going to lie. I had two more squares of dark chocolate, more PB and the other half of the banana! Such is life!**


Onto other matters. I have been given this award by Kris and Nancy!

Thank you girls!

And for my nominations, I present this to:

1) Michelle: She's doing clinical rotations in Minnesota, but this girl's a Pittsburgher at heart and we share that love! She also a darn good runner, but sadly I don't share that with her!

2) Emily: Studying hard to be a dietician, completing an awesome internship, and the first (and to date, only!) food blogger I've gotten to meet in real life!

3) Heather: I love her eating style and her general positive attitude. Such an inspiration!

4) Caitlin: She's a wildly popular food blogger (for good reason!) and she probably won't ever even see this, but I just had to give her an award for all of her accomplishments, her general outlook on life and her endless energy! She pretty much amazes me EVERY SINGLE TIME she posts!

5) Jess: She's still in high school but this girl knows what she wants from life and has her stuff together! And she has a kick a%& blog, too!

6) Sarah: What an amazing runner she is, regularly hitting the double digits of miles! I think if you added up my mileage for the whole week, it still wouldn't break the big 1-0! Plus, she's freaking hilarious in her writing style!

7) Sophia: This girl is living life fully in Southern California as she embarks on her college career! I'm so proud of her for fully beating ED (from one recovered woman to another!) and we share the experience of both being missionary kids! (More about this in a future post!)


OK, I'm going to get in bed and read about teenage vampires. (A.k.a, Breaking Dawn, or the 4th and final book in the Twilight series, which I just started for my FIRST TIME!)

Have a wonderful night everyone! No post in the morning tomorrow because it's an early morning for me. Goodnight!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good run! And a horrible meal!

Yay! I'm pretty proud of myself. I went out tonight around 7:30pm, just to get a run in, no matter how short, since I really wasn't in the mood to run at all. Well, for some reason I was able to run much longer than I usually can and I ended up being out for 1 hour and 20 minutes, including two 20 minute running segments (plus many shorter ones, in fact most of tonight was running!!) I don't know how far it was or my speed, but I do know that I ran farther than I ever have and I'm honestly really proud of myself for not giving up, even though it doesn't come naturally to me! I'm trying hard not to compare myself also, because I know that running for 20 minutes at a time in the blog world isn't very much! I had made a new play list (Caitlin inspired me to mix things up!) and in the words of Jimmy Eat World (one of my favorite songs ever!):

Don't write yourself off yet.
It's only in your head you feel left out,

Or looked down on.
Just try your best,

Try everything you can.

And don't you worry what they tell themselves

When you're away.


It just takes some time,

little girl, you're in the middle of the ride.
Everything, everything will be just fine,

Everything, everything will be alright. (alright)

You know they're all the same.
You know you're doing better on your own, (on your own)

So don't buy in.

Live right now.

Yeah, just be yourself.

It doesn't matter if it's good enough (good enough)

For someone else.

[Chorus x2]

Hey, don't write yourself off yet.

It's only in your head you feel left out, (feel left out)

Or looked down on.

Just do your best, (just do your best)

Do everything you can. (do everything you can)
And don't you worry what their bitter hearts (bitter hearts)

Are gonna say.

This part is my very favorite of all, because it's so true and such a good reminder:

Live right now.
Yeah, just be yourself.

It doesn't matter if it's good enough (good enough)

For someone else.

Anyway, before the run, I had a lot of carbo-licious good eats. Hah! The first part of my day wasn't exactly the healthiest ever. Here we go.

Breakfast was a bowl of two kinds of cereal with half a banana and a spoon of PB.

The dry mix, with ground flax sprinkled on top:

And with 1/2 a banana, PB, and milk added--much better!

And with my beloved coffee. Better still!

After church I had a wheat-ish (they're never actually whole grain, are they?) bagel with cream cheese and a Luna bar in my car. I have had WAYYY too many of these--like 5 in the past 3 days! (All this flavor which is my favorite!) I don't do moderation. But I don't feel too bad about these, especially because they're low glycemic, so they really don't adversely affect my blood sugar. In fact, they keep me full for a long time!)

Then I bought a frozen yogurt from a new shop in town on a whim just because. It was OK, but it was very plain and really over priced. ($3.20 for a small without mix-ins--definitely not worth it!) It said it had live and active cultures, so I'm going to take that and run with it, at least in terms of how I didn't waste my money.

And I went to a local Italian street festival with a friend where I had a HUGE slice of thin crust cheese pizza. It was sooooo good! :) No picture of that either. Sorry.

After running tonight I was craving brussel sprouts. Go figure. I'm so weird! But I had probably about 8 of these.

And a few minutes later when the real hunger set in, I had (yet another!) rice bowl.

Same basic idea as the ones I've already blogged about:

-brown rice
-zucchini w. tofu
-1/2 can of tuna
-rest of the avocado (but I have another one! Woo! Expect more of these! :)
-cheddar cheese

Seriously, this is the easiest, most customizable meal and it's really healthy (and cheap!), too! You might be seeing more of these, just to warn you. ;-)


Now for the weekend recap. I had a busy day on Saturday. After teaching in the morning (9-12:15, including driving times during which, yes, I had another Luna bar!) I could have gone home but I only had a little time and it would have been extra driving, so I decided to stay out and hang out killing time at Starbucks and Whole Foods. I'm terrible. Hehe! I got a large black coffee at Starbucks and for some reason drinking it was even more pleasurable than usual. I got tingles through out my body and goosebumps all over my skin. Who knows?! But I seriously love coffee. It's like a spiritual experience for me, and very calming!

Onto Whole Foods, where in addition to picking up a few groceries, I also bought myself lunch (which I need to STOP doing simply for budget purposes! But seriously, this came to a little over $8 and I'd spend at least that much getting a Quizno's sandwich. When I'm out and about this seems like a reasonably good option, even as far as price as concerned, as certainly superior in the nutrition department!)

-tikka chicken (lower left)
-curried chick peas (far right)
-Indian tofu (upper left)
-lemon cilantro tofu (upper right)
-steamed broccoli and peppers (throughout)

Anyway, I then taught from 2:30-4:45 and came home to make work-related phone calls from 5:15pm to 7:15pm non-stop. (I had like 9 people to contact!)

And finally, on Saturday night, the bf had a show from 9pm-1am and we got there by 8pm. (I didn't want to be out that late and definitely should have driven my own car!) But I was HANGRY at that point and I needed to eat, but the place said it would be a super long time for our food. Well, this wasn't an option for me, so we politely told them that I was with the band and eventually I could order a salad.

It looked promising:

But honestly, it was HORRIBLE! It's never a good sign when you're expecting to be sick after a meal! The veggies were soggy, the dressing was way too heavy, the goat cheese seemed old and worst of all: I think I saw two gnats in my food!!! I should have sent it back at that point (diseases? Hello?) but I'm the ever way-too-polite girl who didn't want to make a fuss, so I choked down as much of it as I could and luckily got full because it had a lot of fat in it. But it was nasty! (And by the way, I didn't get sick!)

What about you? Do you have a hard time voicing needs, especially complaints?

I am NOT good at this, obviously from the above example and I am trying to work on it. I even have a hard time bringing up issues to my roommates, like if they owe me money or something. I rarely ever send back anything at a restaurant because I feel bad, like I'm being rude.


Well, I got another sample in the mail this weekend:

I can't wait to try them!

Finally, check out this rockin' giveaway of some really delicious food stuffs!

OK, it's 2am. I should go to bed. Good night, all!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Good morning!

I woke up very hungry for some reason (frequently happens after strength training) so I made breakfast right away. I had a bowl of oat bran with:

-organic ground flax
-1 chopped fig
-1/2 a peach
-1/3 C (?) cottage cheese

And with coffee:

Right after blogging this morning, I'm off to teach at one studio in the morning and another studio in the afternoon. Only about 3 1/2 hours of teaching, but there will be a lot of driving, as there are on most of my Saturdays.

Yesterday I made another fabulous lunch of a rice bowl with tons of toppings:

This included:

-brown rice
-last of the sauteed cabbage
-1/2 can of tuna
-1/2 sauteed zucchini with tofu
-cheddar cheese

I'm out of salsa, so I need to get that, and today I plan to have this meal again with the remainder of the tuna and the zucchini. :) It's REALLY tasty!

My sweet tooth hit HARD yesterday night so at first I had a banana with PB.

Then I was still craving sweets so I had the other half of a cupcake that I bought from a local bakery that had their $1 cupcake day on Wednesday. (I never blogged about the other half, eaten on Wednesday night.) I believe this flavor was vegan too, although I ordered it simply because it was so chocolatey! :)

Oooh! It stands up. (*I'm so proud*-haha!)

And another random snack from yesterday:

Plus, look what came in the mail! A free sample!

It might have to get eaten today.

Well, I'm running late to go shower and teach, so I'll see you all tonight to read and comment! Hope you all have a FABULOUS Saturday! :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

New and different food, finally.

Thanks for your comments on yesterday's post about my running frustrations. As soon as I finish this post, I'm heading out again to run. I'll monitor my heart rate again, to see if it's still just as high as it has been. I'm doing the 3rd week of the "Couch Potato to 5K" running plan which means that each workout is a 5 minute warm up, followed by a 90 second running interval, then a 90 second walking interval and then a 3 minute running interval and a 3 minute walking interval. You repeat this one time for a total of about 18 minutes and then finish with a 5 minute cool down walk, although mine is always a lot longer, because I find myself far from home and I have to get back. :) Plus, I plan to do upper body strength training at my gym today, so I'll end the walk/run at my gym (which is about 15 minutes away from home).

Anyway, on to my food and as promised in the title of this post, it's actually new and exciting! :)

On Wednesday afternoons I now teach violin from 2pm to 8pm with an hour break from 3-4, so I will probably routinely treat myself to Whole Foods, since I teach about a 5 minute walk from there! :)

This included:

-Asian tofu (upper left)
-chicken salad (upper middle)
-sweet potatoes (upper right)
-two kinds of quinoa salad (middle-ish)
-antipasto salad (lower middle)
-balsamic marinated mushrooms (lower left)
-Parmesan cheese sprinkled all over!

Then one of my students brought me this:

This particular family is very close to my heart. Their child, who I teach, is a very bright little girl who is also a perfectionist, and very hard on herself, just like I was at her age! I think the ABSOLUTE best part of my job is having a lot of young girls look up to me! I have had MANY parents tell me that their child loves having me as their violin teacher! I want to be the best possible example to them that I can be and I want them to know that I care about them as wonderful individuals, not just as my violin students! I want to give them the tools through music, to succeed in life, using skills that I can teach them such as mental toughness, persistence, patience, self-forgiveness, work ethic, and determination. I care about my students so much that I send many hours during the week thinking about them, their needs, their personalities, and how I can best help them. And the return of knowing that I have and am continuing to inspire them is the best pay off ever!

What about you? What is the BEST part of your job?

Ok, back to food stuff now. Sorry, in case you couldn't tell, I have a passion for teaching! :)

On Wednesday night I made myself a bunch of leftovers.

This was the other Indian-spiced sausage from Whole Foods (needed to be eaten!), leftover butternut squash (that was also about to go bad!) and some more sauteed cabbage/tofu/red pepper. With a glass of white wine. I've really been going through a wine phase recently. Oh well, there are many worse things I could be consuming, right? ;-)

Then yesterday morning I woke up thinking about an omelet so that's exactly what I made. And what an omelet it was!!

This included:

-1 egg, 1 egg white
-sauteed mushrooms and spinach (with garlic)
-cheddar cheese!

with salsa on the side!

Along with coffee and a banana!

Then I caught up on blogs and for the first time in a long time my Google reader was empty!

For a late lunch (after I ran!) yesterday I made this creative concoction!


-brown rice (can't really see it)
-sauteed cabbage
-one can of tuna
-melted Cheddar cheese
-salsa all around

This was honestly SOOO good! I'm going to do something similar to it today later on! (Brown rice needs to be used up before it goes bad!)

I definitely had TWO Luna bars while out teaching yesterday. I'm addicted to the chocolate raspberry kind! They're like a decadent brownie!

And I came home to this sugar free fudgesicle:

(While reading blogs.)

Finally, last but not least, my most scrumptious breakfast this morning was this bowl of oatmeal:

-cottage cheese
-almond butter (finished the jar! Not even close to the 11 servings it said was in there! *smirks*)
-a few remaining raspberries
-leftover nut mix with a little sugar that was in the bottom of the bag sprinkled on
-freeze-dried banana and pineapple Gerber baby mini-fruits! These:

Don't judge. I found them at Big Lots yesterday and they were $1.00! I figured that they'd be good on oatmeal (I was right!) and the don't have any added sugars!

Don't forget to enter my Nut Clusters giveaway! If nothing else, the name of them is so dirty that you just HAVE to want to try them, right? *Thanks to Michelle for pointing out the innuendo here! Hah!*

Finally, congratulations to Caitlin for all of her successes and life changes. This woman inspires me so much! I totally believe in her Operation Beautiful campaign and her attitude through all of her hard work is so positive! I admire everything about her!

Alrighty, I'm off to workout then I'm teaching just two students later on, so I have a pretty light day today.

Happy Friday everyone!