Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eating with friends

I have gotten to share two lovely meals with friends in the past two days! Yesterday I went to Thai food and ordered the Red Curry with Chicken. It came with bamboo shoots, baby corn and basil leaves and was served with white rice. I enjoyed it, but I should have stuck to their Green Curry that is absolutely phenomenal! (Sorry-no picture. We were talking about some pretty serious things and spent a good four hours talking!)

Today though, I enjoyed the "Psychedelic Burger" from a local restaurant called Fuel and Fuddle.

The burger is a grilled portabella mushroom and cheese burger, where you can taste the delicious chargrilled-ness of the burger. :) It was served with lettuce and tomatoes, and a mix of sweet potato and regular potato fries. Although for an additional 50 cents I could get all sweet potato fries, which is what I opted for, of course. There's just something spectacular about sweet potatoes in French fry form! And here it is in all its glory (I promise the burger is in there!):

(Image source)

Anyway, it is so delightful for me to have meals with friends. I feel like this is exactly what I was talking about in my previous post which is that food is SO MUCH more enjoyable in the company of good friends, rather than alone which is how I spent much of the past 7 years preferring to eat. I feel that nothing strengthens friendships more than eating together. And I hope to share many MANY more meals with people I love.

Where's the last place you went out to eat at? What's your favorite thing on your favorite restaurant's menu?