Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday evening recap

Tonight was fun! Starting with my afternoon. After spending 2 hours cleaning my house with my roommate, I was very hungry around 3pm so I made lunch (remembering that I had breakfast at 11am). I really don't have any sort of consistent meal schedules as try to just eat when I'm hungry. I think I should try to have a little more consistency, but so far it is mostly working fine. But anyway, I made a beautiful quesadilla with lowfat cheddar and part skim mozzerella plus sauteed kale (2 huge leaves) and green onions (4 small ones). It turned into this:


Then I cut up an apple and found the coolest sprouted seed! The cute li'l thing really wanted to grow! So I might try planting it; I'm not sure.

Lastly, my roommate offered me a vanilla bean geen tea sandwich wafer cookie. It was similar to an Oreo, except with the HFCS and other artificial stuff. I forget the brand now. Sorry, I'm a horrible blogger, but at least I took a picture of it.

All together:

Afterwards, I was still hungry so I had a Triple Chocolate Vita Top. I sense that these might not
be lasting too long. :)

Which was this:

I headed out to pick up my car (it's fixed!) and get a few groceries:

  • carrots
  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • brussel sprouts (excited about these!)
  • bananas
  • strawberries (also exciting!)
  • hummus (my treat to myself!)
  • FF cottage cheese
  • FF/SF yogurts
  • one Rachel's yogurt which I've seen around blogland and I'm excited to try
  • 2 pure protein bars
  • one PURE bar--yay! I found this at my regular grocery store! So excited! The price is steep though, so I'm going to savor it by topping oats with just a little of it daily.
Then I went out with a friend for a free day of Rita's Italian Ice. They give away free ones for the first day of Spring! I got the sugar free cherry and it probably didn't have many calories. Which is fine because then we headed to a bar and watched the hockey game with another friend, where I had 2 Miller Lites (a 16 oz draught and a 12 oz bottle) and a "Oatmeal Cookie" shot. It was delicious, but probably 150 calories for the shot alone. And about 230 for the beers. Whoops. This is why I'm never really thath hungry in the evenings! Sorry--I'm done with college but I went to college really young (barely 16 in a huge university!), and never drank or partied in college or grad school so I still enjoy the novelty of it.

But now I'm home and I'm tired, so I'm heading off to bed. I'm meeting up with Emily at the health nut for lunch tomorrow at a Chinese food restaurant and I'm super excited about it!! I really want to meet other bloggers, as I'm a new blogger myself. So I'm sure we'll both post pictures and recaps!

Lastly, make sure you enter Bridget's giveaway for some chocolate and relaxation! It looks fantastic!

Good night!

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