Friday, March 13, 2009

Giveaways galore

Sorry for the corny alliteration! :)

I have been trying to spend less time in blog land, because last week I was literally reading all your blogs for 4+ hours a day! I do really love them and the are fun to read, but I also actually have work to do. So until I can turn this into a part-time income (which I really want to do!) I need to spend less time on here.

My picture-less fruity breakfast included:

1/2 C oats/bran with water and a splash of milk
1 tsp flax
1/2 C (?) pumpkin
handful of fresh red grapes (really sweet!)
a few frozen cherries
a few frozen blueberries
1/3 C cottage cheese

and I had a banana with it. I have a sneaking suspicion that this ended up being a lot of calories! Anyone else have that problem with oats? They're so good that you end up adding a bunch of toppings and getting a monster breakfast?

Oh well, I am (a little too) full so I guess I'll just enjoy that feeling.

And my real reason of course for posting is that I need to mention all the blog giveaways happening:

Off Her Cork is giving away the most delicious looking chocolate ensemble. Dark chocolate PB, Food Should Taste Good chocolate chips, chocolate soymilk, chocolate granola and more. People, I'm only mentioning it to get another entry, NOT because I actually want to you enter!! :)

Amanda at Fake Ginger is giving away beautiful freshwater pearl bracelets to 3 lucky winners. Seriously, these bracelets are stunning!

Hangry Pants is giving away a fresh juicer. I've been interested in trying juicing for a while now, so I'd love to win.

OK, I'm having a practice marathon today, meaning a lot of violin practice, not actually RUNNING a marathon. Much less exciting, I know. ;) But I will practice from 11-6 (with breaks!) and have a rehearsal from 7:30-10:30.

Peace out!

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