Friday, March 6, 2009

A new day!

Yesterday was frustrating for many reasons. Too long to get into and probably not all that interesting to anyone reading this! ;-)

But onward to more happy matters: Breakfast!

I started with a cherry Light and Fit yogurt (80) topped with some puffed Kamut cereal.

And coffee, as always! Currently enjoying this:

I then made an omelet with:

-2 eggwhites, 1/2 yolk
-curry powder, garam marsala, turmeric spices (in the eggs)
-frozen spinach
-part skim mozz and low fat sharp cheddar grated in (ooh, two kinds of cheese! Scandalous! Haha!)

And I topped it with a large amount of TJ's salsa:

And shortly thereafter I had a BIG spoon of almond butter (love it!) with a banana:

In blog news, Maggie at Say Yes to Salad is giving away beautiful earrings.

And Emily at the health nut is giving away a Nalgene 32 oz BPA-free bottle.

THIS JUST IN: Foods that Fit is giving away a bunch of AMAZING stuff. (PB2, nutella, almonds, oatmeal on the run and a box of tea!! Ooh, how exciting! I've wanted to try PB2 for so long now and I can't find it around me!)

And the following is from Jaime over at Fearless, Fabulous, Full of Life. She reprinted it from an article out of Self and I hope she doesn't mind if I also post it. I thought it was really good! It's from a woman who has struggled with food her whole life. (I added the emphases):

"Another lesson is that the terms "good" and "bad" may apply to sex, but they should not apply to either food or to the women who eat it. I have never heard a man say, with reference to his food intake, "I was bad this weekend". If he says it, he's probably talking about sex, not about food. Why do we women put a moral yoke around our neck? Even at my advanced age I hear my inner voice scold, "naughty naughty" whenever i approach the dessert tray...eating has nothing to do with morality, so why do we berate ourselves as if we were children? we do it because it allows us to wallow, however briefly, in self-imposed punishment and thereby escape the responsibility of eating sensibly and with pleasure and confidence, like grown ups. As the children we turn ourselves into, we trust that we will be forgiven for our sins so we can go out and sin again. That's nonsense. So now I try to say to myself, enough of this childish behavior! Grow up! When I'm able to listen, the world of food looks less threatening and more appealing."

Alrighty, I'll post more later. Hoping everyone is having an awesome day!

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  1. your omelet looks so yummy! :) thanks for the shout out! of course i dont mind! :) have great day xox


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