Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PB&J oats

Delicious breakfast. I should probably technically call it "PB, P, S oats" because of the pumpkin and strawberries in it.

I had a carrot first:

While making this bowl of oats:

1/2 C oats/bran
1/2 C pumpkin
1 tsp ground flax
4 large chopped fresh strawberries
1/4 chocolate brownie PURE bar
1/3 C ff cottage cheese
1 TB (?) banana flavored peanut butter!!

With an half an orange on the side:

I found these in a store the other day!!

Yay! They are both delicious! (Of course they were both tried right away upon getting home!)

A friend and I also stopped into a local bakery and bought two things that we split in half and each took one half of. Enjoy the food porn! :-D

A cinnamon roll the size of my head (OK, only SLIGHTLY smaller!)

A cornflake chewy. It's really dense!

I am proud of myself for tasting both of them and still having over half of both of my portions in my fridge, to be consumed in small quantities over the next few days! Let's hear it for moderation! :)

At the same chocolate shop where I bought the PBs I treated myself to this unique chocolate bar:

It is DELICIOUS! Seriously, it has an initial sweet taste (it's dark chocolate! My favorite!) and there are complex aftertones of the spices. Who would've thought? White pepper (which supposed to be a mild kind, right?) and cardamom! Cool! I still have half the bar in my cupboard and on the back label it says the whole bar only has 150 calories, so the half that I ate was a great 80ish calorie treat! :)

On Monday and Tuesday mornings I had some hard workouts at the gym, with one of my best friends, who's a guy, so he definitely doesn't go easy on me! Which is fine, but I am SO sore now! I had half of this each of the past 2 mornings:

My dashboard is the back drop. :)

And just to show you all a Dave and Buster's shot called "Alien Secretion" (I am NOT kidding!):

Several friends and I went out on Monday night to celebrate our friend's 21st b-day. I think this shot had:

-Blue Curacao
-Malibu coconut rum
-orange juice
-pineapple juice

I only had one of the above shots!! :)

Quickly listing some blog giveaways because I need to hit the gym before I teach today. I'll probably make it a double workout day because I want to watch the hockey game tonight and time passes really fast at the gym when I can watch hot hockey players. :)

-Emily (who I had the privilege of meeting!) is giving away an "I Love Oatmeal" t-shirt. C'mon this is perfect for just about ALL of us bloggers! :)

-Julie is giving away a bunch of yummer food and a copy of her workout CD mix! I'm always looking for new workout music, so this would be awesome!

-The Hungry Yogini is giving away Barney Butter! I want to try this!

-Missy Maintains is giving away a bunch of Michael Season's healthy snacks that look pretty amazing!!

-Edit: Erin is giving away Newman's Own products. I've tried a few things from them and I love the, so I definitely want to try (and review) other products.

Have a great day!


  1. What a great post! :-) Thanks for the shout-out!

    Love the strawberry oats...I'm a huge fan of those!

    You should totally do a PB Loco giveaway! I have never seen those products in any stores near me.

    Let me know details about coming to Cbus!

    I am so glad that we were able to meet, and I hope we can keep in touch! :-)

  2. EVERYTHING you ate looks beyond amazing. BEYOND.


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