Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Italian-Mexican breakfast!

Let me clarify the title; I made a fantastic omelet with oregano and mozzarella cheese, and when I took a bite it actually reminded me of pizza a bit (due to the oregano, I'm sure). But then I doused it in TJ salsa and it seemed more Mexican suddenly. :)

I was so hungry for breakfast:

-Omelet with 2 eggwhites, 2 TBs part-skim mozzarella, spinach, garlic and red swiss chard + salsa

-Oatmeal with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, 2 TBs raisins, a few peanuts and a spoon of PB.
-And coffee of course. (Always!)

*I eat way too much peanut butter!*

You'll see in my snacks:

Apple with PB.

Banana with PB.

I have a really great jar from Whole Foods that just has so much flavor! :) Yum!

A couple of random afternoon snacks included:

-a spoon of Almond Butter and a few bites of sweet potato. (no picture)
-a bowl of Greek yogurt w. pumpkin and raisins

I'll post photos from my packed dinner (eaten in my car!) with tomorrow's post.

I had to drive to a 3 hour orchestra rehearsal about an hour each way plus I taught for 2 hours before it. I got a quick workout in (wasn't feeling too motivated) of 25 minutes of abs + stretching, and 20 minutes on the Expresso bike. I realize this isn't very much and probably only burned around 180 cals! But it's *something* and I'm proud of myself for getting 7 consecutive days of workouts in!

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