Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Super productive day!

Don't you love having super productive days? I do. I was literally running around non-stop from 9:30am to 9:30pm, plus going out to have some beers and play darts with a friend around 10pm (not returning home in between--there's one bar in town which I always go to and I know all the waitresses there [sad, I know!] so I don't feel awkward taking my violin in and setting it down next to me while I play darts! Haha, I do laugh at myself for doing this, however).

My day looked like this:

8:15-Wake up, drink coffee, check emails, eat breakfast, which was this omelet (looks bad because it fell apart!) with sauteed mushroom, spinach and onion, with hummus on top:

Here were the veggies cooking:

I also had some cashews, again, for good fat to play better (not that I ever really eat a low fat diet--in general I seem to feel a lot better on a slightly higher protein and fat diet.)

9:30-leave the house for recording--I grabbed this for the car:

It's delicious!
10-12:30pm-record with a rock band backed by string quartet: FUN! :) Huge amounts of focus were required for this! Here was the basic set up. We were going the informal living room route:

12:40-get gas (much needed!)
1pm-get home, make lunch--I was starving at this point! I made an excellent chicken dish marinated in an Indian simmer sauce and had sauteed veggies on the side:

(I had another plateful, roughly the same size, which isn't all that big)

I marinated the chicken in this. I highly recommend it; it's delicious! :) I just browned the chicken in a large pan and then dumped the sauce in and let it cook (covered) for another 10 minutes. Super easy and I have some leftovers!

I also had my last strip of tempeh with hummus:

and a few bites of spinach dipped in hummus. Yes, I know it's weird to dip raw spinach leaves in anything. Humor me, please. :)

Finally, for dessert (and since I was still hungry) I had this:

2pm-more e-mails and slight lag in productivity
2:45pm-head to bank and library for errands
4:45pm-home; teach from 5-6pm
6:30-leave for a gig (talked to my roommate and changed into concert black during that "break")
(on the way to the gig I had this:

I know I am relying on bars way too much!
7:30-8:25pm-play a cool church awards banquet gig at a fancy hotel
*The gig was really cool because we were playing for a pastors wives' awards ceremony for a church congregation and they were SOOO appreciative of our music. It was quite humbling actually and a great experience!*
8:40-stop by Walmart for a few things (I HATE Walmart, but it was there, and they were open and all I needed was a clipboard for my band's mailing list sign-ups and packing tape for when I move this summer--I got both of these! yay!)
9:30-pick up my friend, after driving back to the city from the gig; we hung out with beer and darts all night.

It was a good day!

Yesterday, I did some shopping, and as promised I wanted to show you what I bought. I apologize for the poor photo quality--its quality must be directly linked to my tiredness.

From Liz Claiborne-I LOVE their stuff!! It's my favorite store "in 'that' genre"...you know like Dress Barn, Banana Republic, etc. I love Liz because their stuff seems to fit a "real" body shape...like mine. I'm not overweight but I'm definitely not thin. I am very curvy, which I hated for most of my life (it contributed, among many other issues to my ED!) but now I've grown to accept and even enjoy it. Nothing like getting extra attention (free drinks, etc) from men that I have absolutely NO interest in on account of the fact that I have a huge butt. Haha, sorry. Back to the subject on hand...

I got 3 shirts from Liz Claiborne, all at 50% off of $14.99--or about $7.50 each! Score!

Again, the photos are poor because I wanted to shoot them quickly to blog about, and go to sleep. You get the idea though. I general prefer solid colors or minimal trim-they look way better on me! And considering it was in the 70s here yesterday and was in the 30s-40s today, I'm sure I'll get to wear the long sleeved ones at least once.

I also stopped at the Pepperidge Farm outlet--who knew they had outlets? But I got these for about $1.50 each! Plus some dark chocolate cookies that are still down in my car! (Had several on the drive home on Sunday).

Finally, I got 2 small sample sizes of Cool Water and Curve perfumes (Curve by Liz Claiborne; not sure who the other is by. They were only $4 each). And I picked myself up a 6 inch ham Subway on Wheat (no photo of this either--sorry!)

Tonight's gymnastics video is another contender for one of the best beam routines of all time. This is a young Shannon Miller in the 1992 Olympic event finals. She throws an amazing routine with basically no balance checks and only the tiniest of steps on the landing . It's pretty amazing and she received a silver medal for it! I'd argue she deserved the gold, but what's done is done and now we can only enjoy a piece of sheer beauty!

Alrighty, once again, good night and THANK YOU for your comments! I really haven't had time to comment on your blogs, but I have been reading them! :)

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  1. I read nickled and dimed in college and really enjoyed it. You had one of my favorite luna bars for dessert


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