Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting back on track!

I'm DONE with taxes and mailed them earlier today. In fact, I had an incredibly productive day:

-Finished taxes at 4am, so I slept 4:30-6:30am!
-Got up to baby-sit a family with two really great kids, 8:30am-12:30pm.
-Ate lunch with them.
-Mailed taxes; shorter line than expected at post office.
-Stopped by the library to get some string quartet music for a gig on Sunday.
-Taught violin, 4:30-9:15pm
-Got gas!
-Hung out with friends, 10-midnight, obviously a little tired from the 2 hours of sleep! In fact, I was a little dizzy at some points throughout today because it's my THIRD night in one week of 3 or fewer hours of sleep! I REALLY NEED TO PRIORITIZE SLEEP THIS WEEK! I know that the amount that I slept this week IS NOT HEALTHY, nor sustainable!

But I have had an unusual amount of energy all week, helping me to get things done and get through the week. I feel surprisingly great right now at almost 3am while blogging! However, I'll be able to get at least 6 hours of sleep tonight, plus a workout tomorrow, so I'll be OK. One of the things I appreciate about ED recovery is the strength and ability of my body to take care of me during super stressful weeks. (Even good stress, like traveling and playing shows!) I definitely don't take that for granted, and I know that I have to be good to my body for it to keep up with what I put it through. :)

Anyway, starting with yesterday and working to today, here were my meals. (Most, but probably not all--I'm sure I forgot some).

Breakfast was an omelet with:

-1 egg, 1/4 C eggwhites
-sauteed onion, broccoli, corn and cabbage:

-leftover feta cheese from a restaurant chicken salad meal:

Folded over to this:

With hummus on top--great idea from Emily! Hummus on eggs is amazing!

A bit later on I realized I was still hungry, so I had a basic bowl of oatmeal with cottage cheese, raisins and PB.

Mid-morning I had a handful of almonds and raisins.

For lunch I mixed a can of tuna with celery and light Ken's Caesar dressing:

I didn't realize this had HFCS in it when I bought it, and although it is quite tasty, I probably won't buy it again for that reason. I'm not adamently against HFCS, and although I would like to avoid it as much (I typed 'music'!) as possible, I know I eat many things containing it. However, I figure salad dressing is one of the easiest things to make a swap to something more natural. But I'm definitely going to finish up this bottle.

You can probably tell by looking at what I ate that I was very low on fruit and needed to go grocery shopping, which I did! I spent about $45 and it included some stock up items.


-2 lbs of carrots
-brussel sprouts
-purple cabbage
-1 sweet potato
-frozen spinach
-frozen broccoli


-1/2 gallon skim milk
-kefir (so good!)

-4 yogurts

-simmer sauce (different flavor from the last one I bought and I'm excited to try it!)
-2 protein bars
-natural popcorn (no trans fats)
-my FAVORITE trail mix from WF bulk bins: goji berries, huckleberries, raisins, cacao nibs, cashews. (umm, this sis ort of out of my price range, but it's SOOO good. Whole Foods, do you want to lower the price on this so that people like me can actually afford it? K, thanks for listening!)

I had an apple on the way home because I was really hungry!

(Sorry--bad, car picture!)

I had a quick slice of ww bread with almond butter before grocery shopping.

And upon arriving home I cooked a pot of barley (trying to use grains and other inexpensive, yet healthy food from my pantry!)

Plus I cooked the brussel sprouts I bought. I love brussel sprouts, and always have, even as a kid. Whatev. :)

I got much hungrier at night than I had been all day. So I had some of the barley with hummus and cheese and brussel sprouts with hummus too.

Plus a spoon of PB and a banana.

And for a ridiculously late night snack (remember, I was doing taxes until 4am!) I had a bowl of cereal with kefir milk.

Which I ended up throwing some trail mix into, and eating more plain trail mix (yes, the way-too-pricey stuff from WF).

I woke up *2 hours* later (this morning) and had another pretty similar bowl of cereal. I added a spoon of PB and a banana, and I stirred it all together.

After baby-sitting I had lunch with the family, which was chicken with some cheese crust, rice (white) and green beans. Tasty, and pretty healthy. And free. :) I also had an unphotographed protein bar and apple in the afternoon before teaching.

Plus, the only way to get through this particular day. I DON'T drink enery drinks very often. But on 2 hours of sleep and all the work I had to do, what choice did I have?

Then, way late at 9:15pm I was starving so I had packed this dinner:

Ham and cheese sandwich with brussel sprouts. Boring, I know. But portable and delicious!

While out with friends I had one Amstel light (12 oz, 95 cals) and one Miller lite (16 oz, ~130 cals).

At home, I had a bowl of cereal with kefir again. I love this snack!

I have been awarded this by three WONDERFUL bloggers: Emily, Sarah and Jess! I cannot even begin to describe how much I appreciate receiving it, as well as your friendship, your comments and your support!

I no particular order, I want to pass it on to:

-Mi at Whole Foods for Whole Me, a fellow musician and talented pianist in London, who always leaves the sweetest comments on my blog!
-Emily at the health nut. I hope I'm allowed to give the same award to those from whom I received them. Emily was my first blog contact and first blogger meet up, and is also an extremely hard working, amazing clarinetist!
-Aimee at The Healthy Lawyer. I've been reading her blog for a long time and she's just a really cool person in general. :)
-Jess at Have Faith a fellow Christian who leaves me really encouraging comments!
-Sarah at SkinnyRunner. Her blog is SOOO funny, in a great way. Strong on the sarcasm; also a good thing. I'm usually laughing so hard that I'm crying while reading about her latest poke at a celebrity or her commentary on her (incredible!) running mileage.
-AnAppleADay at Blue Sky World. We've exchanged e-mails and have many shared interests, including the violin!
-Mariposa at What Do I Eat Now?, a really nice girl and another string player, representing the viola section.

No gymnastics video tonight. I'm heading to bed soon here after bagging the garbage and folding some laundry. Good night!


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog, sounds like you had a tough night getting your taxes in, I'm glad I'm still a student cause I wouldn't have a clue where to begin with that kind of thing! it's really cool that you can do freelance work, I always kind of wanted to get more into performance, orchestral performance ideally but I always got sooo nervous and it's so competitive I probably wouldn't have suceeded. Performing at uni is really fastpaced I'm trying to actually spend some more time on my tecnhique now instead of just churning out pieces for examination! It's something which got neglected at the university I was at..

    My musicology area is Shakespeare's influence on 19th century orchestral music, I'm looking at how his words and characters were translated into music by motif keys etc, it's really interesting which is good cause I have 20,000 words to write on it hehe

  2. Aww, thanks awarding me again. :-) I'm so glad I met you in the blogworld and got to meet you in person! I hope we can get together again! :-)

    Sounds like you had a super productive day! Yay for finishing taxes! Hope you can get some good sleep's not fun to run on adrenaline.

    Your omelet looks soo good, and I'm glad you like hummus on top!

    I just started buying Kefir, too. I don't really know if it's helped my digestive health yet, but it certainly hasn't made it worse!

    Have a great day! :-)

  3. oh im blushing!!!! thank you so much for the blogger award! it is my first one! : ) you are so sweet!!!!

    thank goodness your taxes are done! i hate doing mine- and they are easy- one paycheck! one kid! 'nuff said! i cant imagine if i had to do the self-employment stuff!!

    get some rest! lol i've had nights like that but thankfully they do not come often!

  4. Awww! Thanks so much for the tag and the sweet comments!!! That's so nice of you!!! :) I am so glad you got all your taxes done. I bet it feels awesome! Well, my day has been 0 productivity, so I'm really happy yours was full of it! What great buys!! I also love all the foodies you ate. That omelet and oatmeal looks delicious. YUM! Have a wonderful, RESTFUL nights sleep. You need it! Thanks again!
    <3 jess :)

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