Thursday, April 9, 2009

Delicious omelet!

Good morning! I made myself a delicious Indian flavors-themed omelet for breakfast! I sauteed 1/4 of an organic purple onion with some purple cabbage, until soft. Then I set those aside and used the same pan to cook the eggs in. (I used one whole egg, some egg whites [1/4 C?] and a little bit of milk [~1 TBSP?]. I learned this trick from a friend and I love the texture it gives the eggs!) I also put the following spices directly into the uncooked eggs:
  • curry powder
  • marjoram
  • garam masala
  • and a tiniest bit of dried basil

I cooked the eggs, added the veggies and also added a slice of fat free American cheese (which I know is full of chemicals and stuff, but I honestly love the taste of them, plus they're a good source of calcium and protein).

It turned out well! I slathered it with salsa, and had planned to add some hummus (see the picture!) but I didn't actually have any hummus; the salsa was enough.

I also got a strange craving for broccoli (which I do crave pretty frequently) so I microwaved some frozen broccoli and corn.

And all of it together:

As promised, I had some good food yesterday that I was going to post today, so here goes.

I made a ham sandwich for lunch with ham

spinach and hummus,

on whole wheat bread. I packed it in a ziploc baggie and took it in my car. I ended up eating it around 2pm at the university where I was practicing.

In the practice room I also dumped this into a bottle of water. Yes, again, chemicals and artificial stuff I know. But I was hungry and thirsty, so I figured it'd be perfect.

When I got home I had a special cookie treat:

From this package:

They are honestly not THAT bad for you. (And they're so out-of-this-world incredible!) The first 3 ingredients are: 1) semi-sweet chocolate [antioxidants! haha!], 2) oats and 3) whole wheat flour. Complete product information here. My only word of warning is that they're extremely addicting!

I also had some celery and PB at home; I could NOT seem to get full yesterday.

I had one more PB-filled stalk that didn't get its picture taken.

I packed ANOTHER ham sandwich for dinner during the hour long drive to orchestra--boring, I know (the food, not the orchestra!) But fast, easy, relatively cheap and reasonably healthy. Check, check, check and check.

But I got highly creative with this. I mixed it up and put a slice of FF cheese on it! (That part about "highly creative" was sarcastic, but I'm sure you all caught that!) I promise it's not a recycled picture.

I had this to sip on all afternoon.

I LOVE (love, LOVE, get the idea) these juices, but unfortunately they are out of my price range for a regular thing and I don't like drinking too many calories, when I can have the real fruit. But every once in a while they are a delicious treat! And I dilute mine with quite a bit of water to make it go farther and last onger!

I added a baggie of 12 almonds and a bunch of carrot sticks [these were the tiniest carrots I've ever seen! Not that I'm complaining, because I think I liked them better!]

Finally, I got home around midnight and since dinner had been at 6pm I was hungry so I had a weird bowl of plain oats, cottage cheese and sugar free grape jelly. It was surprisingly delicious! I might start adding jelly to my oats more often.

AnAppleADay is giving away Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut oats!

Wow, it was a super long post today. You get extra brownie points if you read the whole thing!! And even more brownie points for leaving a comment. I get ridiculously excited about reading your comments!! :)

I'm going to pack now for this weekend, then run up to the store for hair gel/spray (needed to control my curly hair, especially with 3 shows coming up in the next 3 days!!!) and probably redeem my coupon for my free Kashi entree that Heather at HangryPants also got and blogged about this week. I'll be leaving my house around 2:30pm to drive north. We have a show tonight at 7:30, which is also our CD release party/performance! It'll be on iTunes and hopefully directly on as well. (That wasn't actually a plug for the CD--just me being excited about having it out!)

So in other words, I won't be posting until Sunday evening, and I won't be able to comment on any of your lovely blogs! I will honestly miss the blog world, even for just 3 days!! I really enjoy the community and getting to the know the wonderful people that I've been in touch with. But I'll be back, and hopefully I'll have interesting pictures for you.

Gymnastics video of the day: Dominique Dawes' Floor routine in the 1993 World AA gymnastics championships. I apologize for the quality of the video, but the routine is sohigh energy and so well-performed and it makes me smile just watching it!


  1. The omelet looks so delish! I love that it is Indian themed, too.

    I don't mind eating some American cheese slices sometimes. They make the BEST grilled cheeses. :-)

    Hope the release party goes well! I really want to hear your music, so you'll have to send me the details so I can buy it on itunes!

  2. GREAT looking omelet!! you need to give me a little tutorial on making them! i agree about juice - i don't like to drink my calories much but once in a while it's such a treat :) your juice looks fab. have great fun at the party, i'm sure you will!

  3. Oooh, love your omelet! Great foodies, all around! I need to try some of that jelly in oatmeal. Mmm, sounds good! That video is amazing. Good luck this weekend!
    <3 jess :)

  4. Hi!
    I love your blog! I was just wondering, do you still do gymnastics?? I was a gymnast for8 years and i miss it so much!

  5. I have love for violin too! But I've stopped playing since high school. I should really look for local orchestra or something to keep playing. I really miss being part of orchestra!

    I love your eats btw! ;]

    thank you for linking back!


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