Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mixing it up

This is a quick and kind of mundane post. I tried my first Rachel's yogurt this morning.

I liked it, but it has too much sugar for me to buy on a regular basis. But it was good for a treat. I mixed in some Optimum Slim and a very few remaining frozen blueberries (which are still frozen in the picture!)

Plus I had a spoon of PB with it.

I'm getting a deep tissue massage today from here! I really can't afford these, but they are incredibly helpful in my line of work! As someone who had had many overuse injuries in the past, AND who stores stress physically in my muscles (I typed music! haha!) I find them really important in pain prevention. Plus I had gotten a one year membership last year, which includes one pre-paid per month, and I didn't go every month, so I have a couple extra ones stored up. I will cancel my membership as soon as I've used up the ones I've paid for, but I definitely don't want to waste the ones that I still have!

After that I REALLY need to do some taxes!! Augh! How is it already April 7th?! Plus I'm going out of town on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for 3 more shows!! So I really need to get them DONE! I'm freaking out a bit. I really HATE taxes due to the fact that I have about 7 1099s and a couple of W-2s, and at least one (maybe 2?) Schedule Cs; being the (fairly busy) independently contracted musician that I am! I am not looking forward to doing these. I could have gotten someone to do them, but I don't feel like paying someone that much, plus it's too late now.

I'm also teaching from 4:30-9:15 tonight (but I have to leave my house around 3:30! Well, I'm off to go tackle my day. But before I go, I want to leave you with some entertainment, in case you're reading this while bored at work. ;-)

Courtney McCool has the best twisting form I've ever seen! Her legs are perfectly together at all times. It's absolutely beautiful to watch, even with the two erros in the above routine. She made it to the 2004 Olympics, but she was always overshadowed by other gymnasts. But I always really enjoyed watching her! I believe she is now competing in collegiate gymnastics.


  1. it's funny how once you get used to plain yogurt, the flavoured stuff tastes SO sweet! taxes are horrible, i really am not looking forward to it :( good luck with yours. the gymnast is great - another one i hadn't seen before. it's similar to music, isn't it, that note-perfect performances aren't always the best - in gymnastics, even if they make mistakes and get lower marks, subjectively they can be a favourite in your eyes. i like that!

  2. Yay PB in your breakfast bowl! :-) I just love the stuff so much.

    Good luck with the taxes! I did mine with Turbotax, but I'm sure they weren't nearly as complicated as yours. It might be worth it to have someone else do them, as expensive as it might be. It will a lot less stress off your shoulders!

    I bought Light and Fit until just a couple months ago. I started reading stuff about Splenda and noticed that it wasn't all that great for me. Not that I'm opposed to eating it since I'm not a total purist. But I'm finding that I really do like the taste of Stonyfield more!

    In Wind Symphony, we're playing:
    Fanfare Ritmico (Jennifer Higdon)
    Toccata Marziale (Vaughn Williams)
    Variants on a Mediaeval Tune(Dello Joio)
    Benediction (John Stevens)
    Gloriosa (Yasuhide Ito)

    J. Higdon is our guest composer for the Contemporary Music Festival this year (http://cmf.osu.edu/). I'm actually going to be playing with both the Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony at the concert, so I'm excited! :-)


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