Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My first giveaway!

It's here! My first giveaway! But first you have to read about my hopefully not-too-boring food! Alternatively you could just scroll down to the giveaway, but why would you want to do that? That's no fun. I promise I'll make this post interesting! ;-)

I started my day with a lovely bowl of oatmeal:

1/2 C oats
2 tsp ground flax
1 TB carob chips
1 TB soy nuts
1/3 C 2% Greek yogurt
1 TB (?) Peanut butter
1 TB (?) Noni juice

Notice the clearance sticker. I saw that it was marked down to $5 from $20 at RiteAid, so I decided to try it. I figured it couldn't hurt, and I'm sure there are some good nutrients in it. It's honestly kind of gross to just mix with water and drink like juice (I tried this!), but with just a little mixed into oatmeal it's not too bad.

Bowl of oats with coffee. Sounds like a painting name. Like "Still life with oatmeal." Hah!

Yesterday I had a similar bowl of oatmeal for breakfast:

Add a fig and banana to today's breakfast and substitute the PB for Sunflower Seed butter and they would have been identical. Meh, sorry that was kind of boring I guess. ;-)

I baby-sat yesterday from 8:30-12:30 and had a large handful of mixed nuts and some of an apple (cut up 3 ways for snack time!). On the drive to the gym I had this bar:

I got a wussy workout in of 30 minutes on the Expresso bikes (my legs are/were sore--in a good way--to the point of failing so biking was sort of a joke!) plus some good ab work in. So now since I've worked out my legs on Sunday and Monday, my arms/upper body on Monday, and my abs yesterday EVERY muscle in my body is sore today! :) I don't actually mind it, I feel great really! I just have no clue what my workout at the gym is going to be today. I'm heading there right after this post, so I'll let you all know.

I came home and ate this bowl of the last of my barley and cabbage/tofu mix. Sorry for the poor picture quality. I also topped it with TJ roasted red pepper hummus. Yes, it was eaten at my computer. Surely I'm not the only one who read blogs/e-mails while eating?

On my drive to teach I had a Luna bar and an apple.

And now for the exciting part!! My first giveaway! I have a jar of P.B. Loco Premium All-natural Jungle Banana flavored Peanut Butter and several favorite bars of mine which are also frequently seen around the blogging world. P.B. Loco Peanut Butters contain no trans fat, are low in sugar, and are delicious! Full product and company information can be found here. The selection of bars is:
  • LARABAR-Cherry Pie
  • PURE-Cherry Cashew
  • Luna-Chocolate Raspberry
  • Luna-Chocolate Peppermint Stick
  • NuGo-Chocolate Banana (a locally made all-natural bar that's delicious!)
  • Raw Revolution-Chocolate & Coconut

P.B.Loco up close and personal:

There are two things you need to do to be entered.

First, leave me a comment on this post. Let me know your favorite nutrition bar, or your favorite genre of music or musical artist, or anything else I'd find interesting. :)

Secondly, you MUST also link back to this giveaway on your blog and tell me you did so in your comment, or let me know in your comment if you don't have a blog.

For an additional entry, because who doesn't love peanut butter, add me to your blog roll and follow me on Blogger, and make sure to mention that you did so in your comment.

I'm going to keep the giveaway open for a while, in order for people to have the chance to enter, because if I'm honest, I really want to generate some more readers to my blog! So you have three weeks from today to enter, the deadline being Wednesday, May 13th at 12 noon EST. I will select one random winner shortly after the deadline with a random integer generator. I hope you're as excited about my giveaway as I am!! :)

And in other blog news, there are a couple of giveaways happening.

Erin at Mrs. Cox's Slice of Heaven is giving away cupcakes! These look beyond amazing, especially for chocoholics like me! :)

Missy Maintains is giving away an Always Infinity gift bag. Chocolate is involved. Hence me linking back. ;-)

And you can request a sample of Barney Butter here!! I can't wait to receive mine! I've heard so much about it in the blog world and I adore ALL kinds of nut butters!

I will leave you with one more Carly Patterson beam routine. There is a sense of calmness about her routine that actually calms ME down just watching it. It surpasses beautiful and goes into the realm of the divine. I'm not even exaggerating. I have no words for how wonderful it is. I hope it moves you as much as it did me.


  1. I ALWAYS read blogs while I'm eating my breakfast, so you're def not the only one! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I mentioned your giveaway on my blog, I'd love to enter but I'm not sure if it's open to UK people, no worries if not but I'll answer anyway just in case cause those bars look gooood!
    I thought I'd tell you some of my fave composers.. I love Tchaikovsky, Piano Concerto no.1 is one of my all time fave pieces, I also love his Shakespeare overtures and wrote my undergrad dissertation on them.. For clarinet I love the way Weber writes and Spohr, Baermann's adagio is beautiful too... So much to choose from but there's a few!

  2. Hi! I used to play violin, but I stopped because I wanted to focus on piano and flute. Sorry!

    Hmm, I don't want to sound like an idiot, but what is the white puffy thing in your oatmeal? I think it looks like whipped cream (if it is..YUM!).

    My favorite nutrition bar is.. *drumroll* Cashew Cookie Larabar. I had a whole list, but then decided you didn't want to read all that. Oh, and I like listening to the "Bond Girls" you know, they play string instruments and they sound really good! I'm going to mention your blog on my blog post later. Promise!

    Have a great day! :)

  3. ME ME ME! Haha, you're already on my blogroll, and I'll be happy to let everyone know about your giveaway.Ahh, this is so exciting! My favorite kind of bar: LARABARS! mmm, i am eying that cherry pie kind. YUM! GREAT eats--I thought the yogurt was whipped cream too, haha. It looks so yummy. And I am totally guilty about eating while on the computer. I do it ALL the time!

    <3 jess :)

  4. Hi! Cool giveaway. Hmm, something interesting about me... well, I play the harp! I'm going to school as a harp performance major. I used to play the violin too (I played for 11 years) before switching my focus completely to harp.
    I'd link back, but I don't have a blog!

  5. Aw. Thank you for your sweet comment on my bloggy. =]

    Wowza. What a 'licious lookin' bowl of oats. I kind of want to stick a spoon through my screen and snag some, but I think my computer might protest..

    Ooh! A giveaway? I'd love to enter!

    Oky. Question numero uno..I'll just answer all three. =D

    My favorite nutrition bar is Larabar, HANDS DOWN. My favorite artist atm is Hellogoodbye.
    And something interesting?
    Uhm...I have double-jointed thumbs!

    I'll link back to the giveaway in my next blog post, and I'm already following you on Blogger. =]

    Okydokies. I hope you're having a lovely day! Take care, chica. <3<3

  6. this is exciting!! i would SO love to win even though i'm not sure if you're opening it for UKers? oh well, i've linked back to this anyway. i don't have a blogroll on my blog though... i do have you on google reader which is where i read all the blogs!

    love the idea of soy nuts on oats - love thos little things :D

  7. love this giveaway!


    i've linked back!

  9. you're added on my blogroll! yay ;]

  10. i don't have a blog but I would love to have a chance to win those things!

  11. thank you for these wonderful giveaways

  12. sry, but I don't have a blog yet. I follow your blog daily though! love your eats!

  13. Holy Yum. I love PB!

  14. I haven't played the Brahms quintet, his clarinet sonatas are so much fun to play though! Have you played the Weber clarinet quintet before that's an awesome piece! I only managed to play it with a pianist but it would be so much better with a string quartet!

    ps thanks for including UK readers in the comp :)

  15. ooh! sounds good!
    I haven't tried it yet but I just KNOW the WCMN luna bar is going to be the bomb! an interesting thing about me is that I'm like a rubber band. I'm so flexible I can bend in strange positions that look utterly painful.
    I promise to give you a shoutout at my blog!

  16. Hi there! You started following me on twitter today. I followed your posts found your blog read about your give away and others...and linked you in my new blog today! Thanks for the oatmeal recipe. Yum! Have a joyus day!

  17. I don't maintain a blog, but I read plenty including yours.

    Love love bar + PB giveaways!!! Yeah!

    I love Lunabars...fav is choco peppermint stick. Yum yum!!!

  18. I love larabars! Pecan pie is my favorite.

    And I don't have I blog, but love reading them. :)

  19. I'm a fan of Kashi bars and Lara bars. Cool giveaway!

  20. Yay a giveaway! I'm just catching up on reading now, lol.

    Let's know about most of my musical interests already. My favorite band composers are Alfred Reed and Frank Ticheli and anyone in the BCM International Group. I'm currently working on Rossini's Andante and Variations.

    I will link back in my next post!

  21. pick me pick me!!
    My fav nutrition bar would be purebars!! and as for something interesting about me - i really can't think of one :(

    Sorry I don't have a blog though! My email is

  22. Hum, so random goes? I sleep with socks on. In fact, I feel weird when I don't have socks. I'm cool.

  23. My favorite bar is a Chocolate Chip Z-Bar!

    I just linked back and follow your blog :)

  24. I don't have a blog, but this is a great giveaway!
    My favorite nutrition bar is probably the toasted cranberry and nuts Luna Bar. It's great! Of course there's a few other clif bar flavors I have yet to try...

    ...also, you've got another follower :)

  25. I don't have a blog and I love me some howie day!! And I'm really into snow patrol lately....:)-monica

  26. sounds like a great giveaway!

    and i loves two luna bars! along w/ the caramel nut brownie one! yummers!

  27. May Canadians enter? My favourite nutrition bar is the Pecan Pie Larabar (although I haven't tried a lot of different kinds, so that could change).

    I don't have a blog.

  28. My favorite composer (I can't decide on a musical artist) has to be Beethoven. His middle and late period works remind me of my faith in God and humanity. His late string quartets, piano sonatas... they make me feel like nothing else in the world does. - As a musician, I hope you understand.

    *footnote. My favorite nutrition bar(s) are Larabars - all but the apple pie and banana bread.

    I found your blog today, and I have to say, I will be reading it from now on. Thank you so much for writing! I too am a perfectionist musician - I understand where you are coming from on so many levels.

  29. cool giveaway. I love Kashi Bars! I am linking back as we speak and yo are on my blogroll! :D

  30. I'd love to win!

  31. Great Giveaway!! I don't have a blog of my own, but would love to be entered. My all time favorite bar is the cashew cookie larabar.

  32. i love that you put yogurt on top of your oats! i eat mine that way everyday, and i think it's better than any nut butter (this is not a popular opinion in the blog world though haha)

    i don't have a blog, but i'd still love to enter your giveaway. looks great!

  33. hmm fav bar? that's a toughy.... I like Trader Joe's granola bars, Luna bars, PURE bars, balance bars, atkins protein bars, Kashi bars (all varieties), certain power bars..........GOSH! I can't decide.

    As for music, I like everything! Being a figure skater, I kind of have to!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Hey,
    I just recently found your blog, how exciting your first give away!
    I have never done one, hopefully one day.
    My favourite bar, well I have found a health food store around my area yet, so I've just stuck with Kashi bars (love all of them, especially ones with chocolate chips in it!)
    I added you to my blog roll and will link back to you give away.
    As for music, I honestly have never been a big music person, I like listening to it, but have can't remember band names or song names for the life of me!

    Good luck with your first give away!

  35. I'm sorry I don't have a blog :( But I do love blogs hehe

    My favorite genre of music is indie rock I love it! I especially love the guitar, violin, cello, and piano in music :D

  36. So there are a ton of comments from people named Laura on here! Hi fellow Laura's!!

    Anyway, my favorite bar is the peanut butter CLIF bar (except they don't have it around here anymore.. so sad). My favorite band is the Beatles, but I'm into a lot of different genres of music.

    I don't have a blog, but I'm addicted to reading them!

    I have also added you to my blog reader =)

  37. Hi! I would have to say my favorite go-to bar is the luna toasted nuts and cranberry. I like it because it's not too sweet. I also enjoy the music from pink martini, have you heard of them? Looks like a great blog, and I have yet to try the infamous barney butter. I usually get my pb from TJ's


  38. My favorite genre of music is classic rock!

    And I linked to ya on my blog!

  39. I just saw a link to your blog from I'm def. going to bookmark your blog for the future :) I don't have a blog set up quite yet, but when I do I'll certainly add you.

    As for my favorite bars, from the ones above I'd have to say the Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick because I love mint and chocolate together, but I do enjoy the LaraBars as well!

    Awesome giveaway!

  40. I don't have a blog, but my favorite nutrition bar is Chocolate Peppermint Stick (Luna) and Cool Mint Chocolate (Clif). As you can see, I love the combination of chocolate and mint.

  41. I love Luna Chocolate Raspberry bars! They taste just like a brownie!

  42. i love the coconut cream pie larabar! actually ANY lara bar! =D i used to play clarinet- played for 9 years..but stopped once i got to college. i, too, healed from anorexia.but still fight the negativity a lot. lately fighting a relapse.

  43. so tough!!! I LOVE PB cookie larabars. and it's been killing me they're so M.I.A. lately.

    also another random interesting thing (just because): my favorite food is whipped cream. what ISNT better with whipped cream on top?!

    (I don't have ablog so can't link back :( )

  44. AHHH I've always wanted to try PB Loco! My favorite nutrition bar would have to be...


    My favorite genre of music.. COUNTRY! My friends all make fun of me, but hey.. love my tswift!!

    Also, were you a gymnast!?! I'm loving these videos.. I was a competitive gymnast for 14 years =)

    And I'm linking back on my post tonight.. anddd you're on my reader!! Yay for giveaways! Have a great week!!

  45. My favorite nutrition bar? That's a tough one...I have an unhealthy obsession with bars that I'm currently working on, haha. I really like Clif, Luna and Lara bars in general, but I think my current favorite is the Odwalla Super Protein bar. It's hefty and soooooo good.

    Favorite genre of music would be indie.

    Ok, I'm linking back to your post and following you now! :)

  46. i love love love the luna bars especially the oatmeal and ones with cinnamon flavoring :P

  47. fave nutrition bar: clif oatmeal/raisen and walnut..or a truely peanut butter chocolate bar :)

    fave musical artist/band: hanson (the new stuff) :)

    I'm on my way now to blog about your contest! and I will be adding you to my blogroll/reading your blog when I get the chance!

    awesome give away!

  48. the breakfast looks so good!! I love adding soy nuts to breakfast.
    As for my fav nutrition bar, I adore odwalla berries go mega and clif oatmeal walnut raisin!

  49. im obsessed with the odd tasting Think THin bars and everything bob dylan :)

  50. I love Jacks Mannequin, Rocket Summer, the Fray and Justin Timberlake. all amazing =)

    fun giveaway!

  51. I love Kind bars and I do not have a blog.

  52. thanks for the link to the BB sample!

    also, i would love to enter your giveaway. my favorite bar is the pure bars, the apple cinnamon variety is my fave. these are all natural raw bars and super yum! my favorite band is metric.

    i have linked this giveaway back to my blog at

    and added you to my reader.


  53. Just found your blog and I'm totally loving it. Thanks for the link to the Barney Butter sample. I've heard great things about it but have never tried it.

    As for the giveaway, my favorite band right now is Silver Sun Pickups. Everything I've heard from their new album is fabulous.

    Here's the link from my blog:

    Also, I added you to my blogroll and am now a follower of your blog (Footprints and Fingertips).


  54. i don't have a blog, but i'd love to enter your giveaway. lately i've gotten really into larabars. yum!

  55. I looooove peanut butter cookie larabars!!!

  56. And I linked back on my blog :)

    hol :)

  57. I like Larabars, my favorite right now is the Key Lime.

    I mentioned you giveaway in my blog and added you to my blog roll

  58. My fave bar is coconut creme pie larabars!

  59. You're in my blogroll and I linked to this post in my blog! I am newly addicted to the Pure bars, they are sooo good! And that PB is intriguing, I really want to try it!


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