Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Smiley face oatmeal!

The alternative title for this post that I was considering was "Sleep Wins!" because I went to bed late (4am) and set my alarm for 9am. I somehow managed to turn it off and fell asleep until 12:30pm!! Wowza! Luckily I had just wanted to get gym and random work done and I didn't have to do anything until 2:45pm! But I felt so much better today after sleeping for 8.5 hours! But after waking up/blogging/showering/etc. I taught from 2:45-6pm and then drove one hour to a rehearsal from 7:30-10:30pm, plus the hour drive home. It's now 1:30am and I'll wake up at 6:45am to baby-sit 8-4pm, then dash to an evening ROCK VIOLIN (love it!) show that I'm playing, 4:30-10pm or so. Tomorrow's a fairly long day, but it should be fun!

I'll just do a quick day's re-cap for you all (plus a video, plus some giveaways!) and get to bed.

I made smiley face oatmeal this morning!!

-1/2 C oats
-1 tsp ground flax
-1/3 C cottage cheese
-2 tsp raisins
-1/2 (?) canned, no sugar added peaches

Plus a banana, PB and a SoyBoy sausage link for extra protein. And coffee, of course!

I ended up microwaving another sausage link that didn't get photographed. And a short while later I had a carrot with PB. Because of the mistake I made in waking up so late (OOPS!) I ate this around 1pm.

Then I packed this dinner:

-Another ham sandwich (I promise the ham's almost gone! I really like it and yes I know it has a lot of sodium. I just eat one slice on each sandwich I make and add spicy mustard and ff cheese).
-Snacks were leftover popcorn, a Fiber Plus Antioxidants bar (delicious!!) and an apple.
-And I had some leftover brussel sprouts that didn't get their picture taken.

I ate dinner while driving to orchestra, so it was around 6:30pm.

On the way home I had a very few extra pretzels that were in my car and when I got home I ate a Fiber and Omega-3 bar. They're good, but I should warn you guys that you can really only eat one every couple days without having...uhmm...adverse side effects. Sorry, TMI!

made a pack of sugar free hot chocolate.

Many blogland giveaways:

Lora at Honey Nut Lo is giving away a pack of her favorite things, including some Twilight stuff.

One Frugal Foodie is giving away $25 in Natural Foods Groceries.

Julie at Julie Go Lean is giving away a basket of popcorn and seasonings.

Meghann at Graduate Meghann is giving away Honest Foods Granola Planks!

AnAppleADay at Blue Sky World is giving away Fiji Bottled Water.

Juli at Peanut Butter and Juli is giving away Perfect Foods Bars.

Run To The Finish is also giving away Honest Foods Granola Bars and Planks!

The Fitnessista is giving away a gigantic Stoneyfield Farm goodie bag.

Sweet and Fit is giving away a batch of homemade blondies.

Gymnastics video of the day is Amanda Borden's beam routine in the team finals of the 1996 Olympics. She was the team captain even though she was definitely a lesser know name on the team. She is SO solid in this routine! She has no balance checks and demonstrates beautiful and confident gymnastics! Enjoy!

Good night. I hope you all have an awesome day tomorrow!


  1. another fantastic gym routine - i always find it so incredible how hard and long they work for, and then their competing career ends so early! they don't get nearly enough recogniton.

    love the smiley face! who ever said playing with food is bad? ;)

    those bars look fun! though i really want the broccoli - i loooove those green babies!

    also, THANK YOU for the award!!!

  2. Your oatmeal looks sooo good! Tehe, gotta love the face! I am so happy you got some well deserved sleep. Hope tonight goes well! Thanks so much for posting all the giveaways. How sweet!!
    <3 jess :)


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