Friday, April 3, 2009

Congratulations Emily!!

I have fantastic news to share--Emily at the health nut rocked out her Wind Symphony audition (she's a clarinetist!) and got seated among the clarinet grad students (even though she's a nutrition major). I am so proud of her because I know how hard she was practicing! And as a musician myself, who's been through two performance degrees, I realize the stress of an audition, especially when you really want to play well and feel like you have something to prove to the faculty members. Auditions are just NOT fun. Performing, rehearsing, musical camaraderie, the physicality of playing and holding the instrument; these things are all fun. But auditions--not so much. I've never met anyone who actually liked auditioning. So congratulations Emily! Enjoy it, appreciate it! You're awesome! :)

Yay, I'm seriously still so happy for her! But I guess I should move onto food quickly, because I'm exhausted (it's past 1am!) and I want to get up early for a morning workout before my band and I leave for two shows in Maryland and New Jersey (Friday and Saturday nights). By the way, this also means that I won't be able to blog until Sunday night, but I will try to take interesting food pictures (although I can't make any promises because this blog is still pretty anonymous and I don't take foodie pictures in front of people). Also, the small task of packing, which I haven't even started on yet. Oops; thankfully I'm pretty good at it so it should be quick.

So I was craving protein all day. Like mad protein, and carbs just didn't sound good. I have know idea why, but I went with it. I'm actually quite puzzled, so please don't judge my (pretty ridiculously--but unintentional--) low carb day!


-2 Morningstar soysage patties

-bowl of green beans (yeah I know, I'm weird! One of my best friends calls me an anomaly and this is a great example--seriously, who wakes up craving green beans?)

-1/2 Pure protein bar (had the other half about 2 hours later)

Then I went to a doctor's appt (just a check up) but had to drive around forever looking for parking!, went to the gym and did a 15 minute run, followed by arm/upper body weights for about 20 minutes, and then a 25 minutes fairly challenging Expresso bike ride (the Quicksilver route). Then I stopped at a store to get something for an upcoming blog giveaway!! I'm not announcing it yet, but I'm super excited for it! After all of that I went to Whole Foods and got a salad from their bar. It was heavenly!!

This salad had:

-spinach as the base
-a few tomatoes
-2 pieces of grilled chicken (lower middle)
-3 marinated mushrooms (upper far right)
-broccoli slaw (lower left)
-two pieces of fake chicken (tempeh I think-upper left of the picture)
-eggplant salad (upper middle)
-southwestern tofu (lower right--this was good!)
-curried chicken salad (this was the star of the meal and one of the better things I've eaten! :)

The whole meal was only $6.57, which is too much for every day, but really not THAT bad. :)

On my way home from Whole Foods I had some cashews I bought: (there were more of these eaten at home!)

I didn't buy too much, but the highlights were:

-wild rice tempeh (Ms. Gliding Calm eats this all the time and I really like it after I tried it!)
-celery (another thing I really wanted! Go figure)
-small carton of greek yogurt with a coupon
-Indian simmer sauce with a coupon--I can't wait till I'm home next week to cook up some chicken in it!)
-3 ThinkThin bars to travel with

(this one got eaten in small bites throughout the afternoon!)
-2 Luna bars (ditto)
-frozen Soy Boy (?) soysages because I finished the morningstar ones and they're delicious!

I came home, put away groceries and cooked up the tempeh. I drizzle it with tamari in cooking it and it gives it a wonderful flavor! I ended up eating about half a block (some then, some after I taught a 1 hour violin lesson, and some after gymnastics--but I'm getting to that). I also had two unphotographed stalks of celery with probably 2 TBs of PB on them.

The exciting thing about my day: I went to an adult gymnastics class! I love the sport so much and I want to be able to do all the stuff I could when I was younger, although admittedly I was never a crazy high level gymnast. I just loved it! And I still do! In fact, here is a video of Carly's floor routine in the all around competition at the 2004 Olympics. At the end when her winning score is announced and she starts crying on Evgeny Marchenko--I always lose it there. I never cry, but that moment is so beautiful! She has worked so much harder than I could ever imagine and it paid off and she accomplished her ultimate goal. And that is beautiful!

I might start doing a gymnastics video with many posts, because then I'd have a good excuse to watch them on YouTube. :)

I got home after gymanstics tonight and went to watch a rehearsal of my friends' band. It was great and I enjoyed it immensely. But I got home and was a little hungry so had probably two servings of these:

And I'll leave you with a cute picture I took this week at one of my student's lessons. I teach a young girl who has a 1/16th size violin!! It's so small that it looks like a toy. I put it next to mine for comparison. :)

OK, I'm off to pack quickly (good thing I did laundry today!) and hopefully be asleep by 2:30am. We'll see. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. ANY FUN PLANS?


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out and congrats! I'm still kinda in shock but so incredibly excited and nervous for rehearsal this morning!

    Yay, I'm excited that you're having a giveaway! :-) And it's so cool that you can take an adult gymnastics class. I haven't done it in so long, and I'd love to get back into it.

    Your student's violin is so adorable. Teeeny tiny!

    Hope you have a fun and safe weekend traveling!

  2. i LOVEEEE gymnastics, it's a second favourite sport along with tennis to watch :D amazing you went to a class! i loved watching nastia lutin last olympics - she is so graceful and elegant. i remember carly!!! very impressed by her too. the violin is so cute - my sister used to play one as tiny as that ;) i actually played violin from 6-15, which is a pretty long time - i was doing well for a second-study instrument, but didn'T enjoy it in the end and plus, one instrument is wayyy enough!!

    congrats to emily!!


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