Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gym, groceries and a gig!

Picture of the day is this violin that I saw in the window of a store! I found it fascinating and snapped a picture.

I'm up early on Sunday to go to the gym, finally! There was almost no working out all this week and I NEED to get a nice sweaty workout it! I did go for about an hour walk/run yesterday because it was a BEAUTIFUL 70 degrees here!). Then I'm going to head to my local food co-op for their member appreciation day, which means we get 10% off our purchase. I don't need too much food and can't spend too much money, but I would like to get a couple of things. Then I'll come home, shower and go to church, which I'll only be able to be at for the first 30 minutes because I have to play an awards banquet downtown (at a fancy hotel!) from 12-4pm. I've played this gig for the past 3 years now and it's a really cool event! I am looking forward to it. The speaker at the event is the most inspirational and best speaker I've ever heard, hands down.

Breakfast today was this lovely bowl of oatmeal:

1/2 C oats/bran
1 tsp (?) flax
1 TB (?) raisins
1 TB trail mix
1/2 C cottage cheese (finished the container!)
1 TB (?) PB

Together with a banana and coffee, although didn't eat the banana.

Working my way backwards again, I had some not-too-healthy but delicious (and available!) eats yesterday. I was teaching from 10:30 (leave my house at 9:30) to 2:30, plus one more hour at home from 4-5pm. So I didn't have much time and I had a small breakfast of cereal and a banana (NO fat!! Which is why I was starving about an hour later!!) No picture because the roommate and a house guest were here. But there's a farmers' market right across from where I teach, so I stopped by there on a short break I had (no student scheduled). I bought this oatmeal raisin cookie for $1 and ate it all. Yes, probably like 300-400 calories. Oh well--life happens. :) (By the way, there were no produce stands out yet, this week, or I would have bought an apple or a green pepper!)

On my way home I stopped into RiteAid for a few things. I was hungry again so I got a bag of trail mix, consisting of just cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, sunflower seeds and raisins. I think it was pretty healthy as far as my options in a drugstore go. However, I had about 3 servings so it was around 500 calories, but since it was basically my lunch and afternoon snack I wasn't too worried about it.

I also bought two vitamin waters (the new 10 calorie ones! THANK YOU Glaceau in listening to your customers and making a low calorie drink!) and I drank this one on the way home.

**Insert the hour run/walk here.**

I couldn't get pictures of dinner yesterday, but it was great, AND healthy! I had barley with sauteed onion, cabbage, chard and tofu! Yummy! And I made a huge batch, so you'll probably get a picture of it at some point!

On Friday I had so good food but it was so long ago that I'll just give you some pictures. (Also need to get to the gym!)

OK, that was the healthy stuff. Now for the chocolate porn! I opened the other bar of Godiva chocolate that my roommate gave me (she is so sweet!)

Next installment in the "Perfect 10 Routines" series is Daniela Silivas of Romania during the Team Optionals on Floor at the 1987 World Championships. Beautiful gymnastics!

Have a great Sunday! I will try to comment on your blogs tonight!


  1. Yay for good weather and a fun gig. Hope it went well!

    I love chocolate, and Godiva is so amazing. My newest obsession is Starbucks dark chocolate with coffee mixed in...sooo good. :-)

  2. chocolate.. cookies... YUMMMMMM!!!!!

    so glad the weather seems to be brightening up too!

  3. Yummy eats! That cookie looks divine :) Your oatmeal does as well! Your Sundays are jam-packed it seems, or at least it was a jam-packed one for you! Hope your Monday's gone well!

    <3 jess :)


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