Wednesday, April 8, 2009

At least I started...

My taxes that is. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but I have a little time tomorrow too, and Thursday morning.

But for today, I had the massage, which was nice, but honestly the therapist wasn't very good. He didn't seem like he knew what he was doing and I felt pretty uneasy around him. He actually seemed a little creepy, and I'm glad I was at a place where any questionable behavior would not be tolerated! I definitely wouldn't want to have him again. But he did work out some knots, so that's good at least.

I got home a made lunch. I had one WF sausage link already cooked in my fridge, so I had that with half a sweet potato topped with that Indian sauce from yesterday and some sauteed purple cabbage.

Served with a side of tax forms. ;-)

I also had a bowl of Oikos Greek yogurt

with cereal on top

And to throw in some stress eating, I had a big spoon of chocolate PB Loco:

And two squares of Lindt dark chocolate:

But it was OK, because I went to teach for 5 hours. I actually also had a Luna bar on the way to teach. My blood sugar felt low in the car. Whatev.

I packed a dinner, but I didn't have any breaks between 4:30 and 9:15 (except for at 5:30, but I wasn't hungry) so I ate it way late, on the way home. I am an expert at eating in my car, WHILE driving. Yeah, I know...not the smartest idea!

I also had a bowl of cottage cheese with a chocolate PB vitatop at home tonight. (no picture-sorry).

A few giveaways:

Erin is giving away Food Should Taste Good chips. I've only ever tried the multigrain and they were amazing, so I REALLY want to try the others!!

Daily Balance is giving away Oikos Greek Yogurt coupons! How appropriate that I just had one today. Man, I love this stuff but I really can't afford it very often!!

Mariposa is giving away a goodie bag filled with lots of foodie finds. Looks great!

And your evening gymnastics video:

I present to you, the 1991 All Around World Gymnastics Champion, Kim Zmeskal. I LOVE this routine! It scored a 9.987 and is obviously so incredibly close to perfection. It is energetic, bubbly and beautiful! I have been posting videos so far of routines that I find beauty in, and I will continue to do so for awhile. Maybe I'll move onto posting montages or something later, but for now I'm sticking with pure, breath-taking, awe inspiring routines!! Enjoy!


  1. floor routines are my favourite, and wow this one is aaaamazing!!! no wonder she looks so happy aterwards and that she won! creepy therapist = :( at least he was a little useful though right? hope you get a better one next time!

  2. Yay for starting taxes! Hope you get them done..they are so annoying!

    Purple cabbage looks good and is so colorful. I should buy some!

    Sorry your massage therapist was creepy but glad you got some knots worked out!

  3. a little known fact about me- i played the viola for almost ten years. if ONLY i practiced more! i could have been so much better! my fam is a musical fam though- hard to fully escape the music.. thanks for the add, the link, and the entry!

    ill be adding you to my blogroll too!! thanks!


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