Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good morning!

I have another busy day in front of me.

-Meet a friend for coffee at 11am. (Today is really not a great day because I have too much to do, but I don't like canceling plans, so I'm going anyway. But it's OK, because I'll bring my violin, store it in my best friend's locker-the coffeeshop is on the college campus-and then practice afterwards for a couple hours.
-Practice 12-2pm, then come home.
-food, maybe taxes
-teach 4-6
-local symphony rehearsal 7:30-10:30 (plus an hour drive each way).

I'm getting ready to go out of town again this weekend. I leave tomorrow around 2pm and I'll be home on Sunday morning. (I'll probably go straight to church, especially since it's Easter. But I really don't like missing church in general because I love the church I go to.) We have 3 shows, one each day plus an on-air radio interview! I'm so excited for this weekend, especially considering that TOMORROW's show is our CD release party!!!!! Woohoo! We started recording back in January and finished the recording itself in February. Then it needed to get mixed, mastered and duplicated...and it's finally here! We are proud of the CD and the work that went into it! :)

Quickly, here's my breakfast. I went back to oats today:

This bowl had:

-1/2 C dry oats (in water with a splash of skim milk added at the end)
-frozen cherries; idea stolen courtesy of Aimee's breakfast yesterday. ;-) Plus, I don't have much fruit in the house because I'm not here for the next 3 days.
-1/4 of a chocoalte brownie PURE bar. I finally used up the one I had bought several weeks ago! I like it, but I was savoring it by using it slowly in oats and I forgot I had the last 1/4 until today.
1/2 (? unmeasured) cottage cheese
1 TB (? ditto) PB

And your morning viewing pleasure: the TRUE 2000 Olympic All Around gymnastics champion, Andrea Raducan. I don't care with the IOG says, she did not deserved to be stripped of her gold. Supposedly she tested positive in a drug test; the team doctor had given her COLD MEDICINE because she was sick. And she's around 80 pounds; OF COURSE it showed up in the drug test. Cold medicine ≠ performance enhancing drug.

Here she is with her floor exercise in the team final. (By the way, don't feel obligated to watch; hopefully you all enjoy them, but I really like posting them, so if you don't have the time or something and don't watch, I won't be offended! :)

Happy humpday!

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  1. that's terrible that she lost her gold - she is definitely fantastic. i'm loving these videos!!!!

    yep you are busy! so exciting your CD is truly complete, fabulous achievement! my boyfriend is currently finishing up his live CD of a recital in one of the main concert halls in london, and after all he struggle he's gone through with the production of it i can give you a sincere pat on the back for all the hard work :D


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