Thursday, April 23, 2009

In a good rut!

It's a good and delicious "problem" but I've have the exact same bowl of oatmeal for the past three days! Sorry, it's now officially "boring". But here are the pictures anyway.

I was running out of Greek yogurt (several of you asked what the white stuff is--in this case TJ's 2% Greek yogurt, but I usually buy 0% because I don't notice a difference in the fat levels of my dairy products and I definitely get enough other fats in my diet) so I also microwaved two small soysage patties for some extra protein. I really love the Morningstar patties! They are flavorful, filling and a wonderful texture! I highly recommend them! Their nutritional information can be found here. I'd also be OK with them sending me more products to review! Subtle Lisa, real subtle, I know! Haha! Please forgive the Googled picture.

Yesterday I snacked on small amounts of a bunch of different things basically instead of lunch. I'm trying to do this less, because I think I should sit down and prepare an actual meal, but I think the small snacking is just how my body works and I'm OK with that. It definitely wasn't a binge. But I had several bites of Greek yogurt w. some granola, about 1/2 a PURE cherry cashew bar (the same kind that you can win in my giveaway!), a slice of ww bread with PB Loco (again, enter my giveaway for your chance to taste this amazing PB!), and a handful of carob chips. It was delicious. I had actually planned to get to the gym, but I started feeling sick/hungry VERY suddenly (which is why I started snacking!) so I ate, figuring I'd do work for an hour to digest and then go to the gym.


That didn't happen. I changed my violin strings (needed to! I'm trying an entirely new brand for me that I've never used! I know they'll take a long time to settle in, but I hope they do so quickly because I'm not a huge fan of them yet!)

But anyway, back to the subject at hand which is that I got an incredibly sweet e-mail from a great guy that I've been hanging out with a lot. We're good friends and we don't want to rush things, but he really is amazing. So considerate, so kind, so much fun to be around. I had to respond to his e-mail which took me a while because I didn't want to say anything "wrong" and I'm glad I took the time to do so, because it turns out we have similar feelings about each other. We ended up hanging out for about 3 hours yesterday after my rehearsal and talking about a lot of very important things. I am blessed to have a friend like him!

So anyway, the point is that when I had my ED/DE, I would NOT have been OK with skipping a workout to send an e-mail! But really, life is so much more important than working out. Working out simply creates and sustains the healthy body that can then be that much more actively engaged IN LIFE!! And that's a beautiful thing! It makes me see working out in a totally different light then I have in the past!

On a related note, I hopped on the scale today just for the heck of it. I honestly thought I'd probably gained weight because of several days recently with lots of alcohol and no working out. I'm exactly where I was before. I was surprised once again at my body's ability to maintain. But I'm going to be grateful for it.

OK, back to my food yesterday. I packed my dinner because I was teaching from 4-6 and then driving to rehearsal at 7:30pm. (It's an hour drive!) I made a ham sandwich with romaine and cucumber and hummus:

And I packed a bag of carrot stick, an apple and a Light and Fit yogurt with puffed Kamut and granola mixture.

Yesterday evening I had some popcorn and a butterscotch Rice Krispie bar (this was amazingly good!) that didn't get photographed.

I want to go to the gym AND later to gymnastics!! I hope I'll be able to go tonight, and I'm planning on it. Yay! Other than than, today is low key with me just teaching a lesson. I have some work to do at home and I will practice, but honestly it's a pretty lazy day! I guess the break is nice, but sometimes I'm the kind of person that feels like I have to have a HUGE list of things I must do. But I'm going to check out some community college classes (just exploring my options!), clean my room (what a novel idea!), and read most likely. :) So I'll keep myself busy.

What about you? What work-related things do you do on your days off?

P.S. Mom on the Run is giving away granola here.

And AnAppleADay is giving away Holey Donuts! I've wanted to try these forever!


  1. Have a great rest of your day! Indeed, not a bad problem to have at ALL! Haha, LOVIN all your eats.
    <3 jess :)

  2. Teehee! Your oatmeal is never "boring"! It's much interesting-er than mine. And greek yogurt? I've never had it before. Does it taste different than normal yogurt?

    Ouuu! Somebody's got a crush on someone! (in reference to that guy you were speaking to for 3 hours!). Sorry! I'm only 16 years old, so I'm still fairly immature :P

    As for your question in blue, I'm a cashier at a grocery store, so I don't usually do anything related to it on my days off. LOL! Imagine if I counted my money just for fun.


  3. Mhm! I got stuck in an oatmeal rut awhile back, too. (Banana+walnut. Mhmm.) But hey - if it's what you feel like eating...why not?

    Aw. A boy? Ooh la la. ;]
    Hope things work out with him - he sounds like a winner!

    Oh, and a massive KUDOS for kicking ED out of your life. =]
    Because being consumed with exercise/food/weight alla time..
    What kind of life is that?

    A pretty dern crappy one.

    Alrighty. I'm glad you had a relaxing day, chica. Take care! <3


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