Thursday, September 24, 2009


Let me explain the title.

I have been trying to run for a long time now (like on and off for the past year and very consistently for the last 4 months). I usually end up winded and NEEDING to stop after 2-3 minutes. Sometimes I try to push it a bit longer, but 3 minutes is about my tops. Recently I decided to start monitoring my heart rate because it FEELS like my heart rate shoots up to the "way-too-high" range and my body MAKES me slow to a walk.

Today I took my heart rate (using the finger test right under my jaw) after a 3 minute interval of jogging and I took it for 10 seconds (which I ten multiplied by 6) to get my BPM. It worked out to 34 beats in 10 seconds or 204 bpm!!!!!!!

I also took it several other times after intervals of 90 seconds of jogging and it was always between 170-180!! I also took it yesterday on my jog and it was basically the same thing--about 176 give or take. And by the way, I was "running" at probably an 11:00 minute mile, so I don't think I was going too fast!

Well, I guess I see now why I can't sustain running for any length of time!! Your heart rate is NOT EVER SUPPOSED TO GET ANYWHERE CLOSE TO 200bpm!!!!

I'm *really* upset about this whole thing, because there's no logical explanation for it. I work out 3-5 times each week, I play racquetball, I bike, I use the elliptical, I love walking and hiking, I ice skate in the winter, and I lift weights regularly. I am regular height and weight, regular body fat, 23 years old, definitely not a couch potato. My resting heart rate is around 68 in the morning, I believe. (I'll check again tomorrow morning.) My blood pressure is 110/70 (at the highest--it's clocked in recently at 90/60 as well.) I try to eat to fuel myself, meaning enough calories and enough nutrition. I run on my mid-to-back foot, not on the balls of my feet and I do try to keep a breathing pattern going.

I talked to two trainers at my gym and they were both baffled as well. I explained all of the above to them, told them about the "Couch Potato to 5K" running plan I am using, and even explained that I can run for much longer on the treadmill than outside. (I set the treadmill at a 1.5% incline and run at 5.6 mph.) They said I should run on the treadmill and check my heart rate to find out if it was in a more reasonable range. I did this by warming up for 1 minute of walking and then running for 19 minutes. My heart rate clocked in at 168bpm, at the end of the 20 minutes. (I didn't stop to walk at all.) So, I was tired by the end of the 20 minutes, but it was MUCH more sustainable than it was earlier in the day when I was running outside. I was ready to slow down, but I *could have* kept running on the treadmill if I needed to.


Does anyone have any other ideas of things to try? Reasons for this to be happening? Could my ED in the past contribute to this in any way? Could it all be made up in my head? But if so, why is m heart rate so freaking high? Has anyone experienced anything similar ever? If so, how did you get over it?

I don't want to stop running, but I just feel like my body is refusing to cooperate. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's getting hard to not be discouraged.


  1. Hey, I don't know why your heart rate gets so wacky when you're outside but not so much on the treadmill. And if you're using the couch potato thing plan, it should be ok. Maybe....well I don't know, but for me somehow, I run really really well at night. I don't get why, I mean I'm a decent runner, but it seems like at night I can just keep going forever. So maybe try a little evening/night run, just make sure you do it in a safe place, you don't want to get mugged by some creeper lol. Don't worry about it, if running is not for you, it's ok. You're fit and in shape, and there are so many other sports to do than running.

  2. I'm so sorry Lisa...I really don't know what the say to this. It really will suck not to be able to run...but first, are you wanting to run for pleasure? If so, then I'm really sorry...but if it's just for a form of exercise, there are always other ways to get a good exercise that is less intensity than running...

    Did you happen to drink some caffeinated beverage beforehand? Or if you haven't had enough sleep...anything can be the factor, but even if there isn't one, it's not the end of the world, Lisa. You can always just do a brisk walk, and get the same endorphins and benefits. But I do hope you figure out why your body is working this way...

    All the best to you, and *HUGS*!!

  3. That's crazy! I'm sorry you're struggling with this! I don't understand why it would be so high when you are very active. I say stick to the tredmill for now and try outside later after your stamina is way up. Good luck girl, be careful, you can do it! :) Take a deep breath and say a few prayers :)
    <3 jess


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