Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Good morning!

I woke up very hungry for some reason (frequently happens after strength training) so I made breakfast right away. I had a bowl of oat bran with:

-organic ground flax
-1 chopped fig
-1/2 a peach
-1/3 C (?) cottage cheese

And with coffee:

Right after blogging this morning, I'm off to teach at one studio in the morning and another studio in the afternoon. Only about 3 1/2 hours of teaching, but there will be a lot of driving, as there are on most of my Saturdays.

Yesterday I made another fabulous lunch of a rice bowl with tons of toppings:

This included:

-brown rice
-last of the sauteed cabbage
-1/2 can of tuna
-1/2 sauteed zucchini with tofu
-cheddar cheese

I'm out of salsa, so I need to get that, and today I plan to have this meal again with the remainder of the tuna and the zucchini. :) It's REALLY tasty!

My sweet tooth hit HARD yesterday night so at first I had a banana with PB.

Then I was still craving sweets so I had the other half of a cupcake that I bought from a local bakery that had their $1 cupcake day on Wednesday. (I never blogged about the other half, eaten on Wednesday night.) I believe this flavor was vegan too, although I ordered it simply because it was so chocolatey! :)

Oooh! It stands up. (*I'm so proud*-haha!)

And another random snack from yesterday:

Plus, look what came in the mail! A free sample!

It might have to get eaten today.

Well, I'm running late to go shower and teach, so I'll see you all tonight to read and comment! Hope you all have a FABULOUS Saturday! :)


  1. Cupcake! yay it looks so cute and so yummy. I know what you mean about waking up so hungry. I get that too if I worked out the night before. That rice bowl looks amazing <3 Have a good day teaching today! Which reminds me, I have a gig and also a lesson later so gotta go practice ahhhhhhhhhh lol.

  2. Mmm, vegan cupcake? Nice! But even if it wasn't, NICE and yummy!! :)

    Mmm, everything looks so good! Love your oat bran bowls!
    <3 jess

  3. Hey!

    Well in my lesson I'm kinda working on stuff that I want to put on my CD to send with my college apps. So I'm polishing up Sinding Suite, Bach Partita D minor-Allemande, and Corrente, and also I'm working on the Mozart in D Major for the Districts Orch. Audition in December. My teacher actually wants to kill the PA Music Educators Assoc. who picks the piece and edition that we need for the audition. They insist that we use the Schirmer edition, and my teacher really hates it, because she thinks every other edition is so much better. I think the Schirmer edition is from before they actually got a hold of Mozart's manuscript and the bowings and phrasings and fingerings are all messed up lol. Ahh I guess my teacher will just have to sit there and cringe. :-)

  4. Your rice bowl looks really good. I've never tried zukes with tuna, but I'm sure it was delish.

    The cupcake looks delish, too. We just heard a speaker at our dept dinner who opened her own cupcake shop called the cupcakery. she gave us free coupons, and i really want to go sometime soon! :-)

  5. Your eats look great!! Dollar cupcake day, what??? Where is that??


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