Saturday, September 19, 2009

My big, fat, Greek wedding!

OK, in regards to the title. It's not mine, I just played a wedding today (cocktail hour only) and it was a Greek family with a large number of people in attendance. It was beautiful, but it definitely reminded me of the movie!! :) What's the coolest wedding you've ever been to? Were you in the wedding party or just a guest? What made it so memorable? Being a professional musician, I've probably played well over 100 weddings. I was the maid of honor at my sister's and that was definitely the most personal for me. But I always enjoy playing for weddings. It never gets boring for me, because I remind myself that even if I've played "Pachelbel's Canon" and "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" 926,459 times, the bride and groom want to have them played for their special day and I try to give every single bride and groom the respect that they deserve! And knowing that they are trusting me with the music for their wedding, makes every event unique and thrilling. I really do love interacting with people, and I try to make the bride feel super comfortable around me. Basically, I give every event 100% of my focus, my effort and my cheerful attitude!

Wow, that turned out to be pretty long. Well, onto my eats from the last few days.

Here's a weird, boring breakfast: (don't worry--that's the last of my Boca sausages and homemade banana bread for now. I hear you rejoicing and thinking "maybe she'll actually have something interesting for breakfast for a change!")

Yes, that is, once again, broccoli with spinach and feta hummus, a Boca link, and banana bread with PB. In a moment of daring boldness I added some carob chips! Woo! Haha, I'm all about the adventure!

And here's the coffee I've been enjoying for almost all of my recent breakfast posts! There is something ridiculously comforting about it! In fact, I'm already looking forward to drinking it tomorrow morning!

My exciting purchase of the week (geez, I need to go shopping more often!) is a new sports bra from TJ Maxx. I love that store! And I promise that the color is a much prettier blue in real life than it is in this picture! The lighting in my room is weird.

Back to food...and drink!

I've been enjoying this bottle of goodness all week. (Resveratrol anyone?)

I went to Whole Foods, pretty much my favorite place ever, and bought a bunch of good things including crack, I mean almond butter!

There are technically 11 servings in this jar, but it's not going to last me anywhere near that long! :)

And then I got in a cooking mood (and no one else was home, so I had the whole kitchen to myself!) so I went on a cooking spree.

I cooked a huge pan of veggies, mainly an organic purple cabbage, tofu, a red pepper and 3/4 of a purple onion. In EVOO with soy sauce and added Sriracha.

So good and I have a HUGE tupperware now full of delicious cooked veggies!

I also cooked up a spaghetti squash that I bought.

When it's done, the inside will shred into "noodles", hence giving it its name. Like this:

(I have a huge tupperware of that in my fridge now, too!)

Just for fun I decided to cook up some brown rice...I need to eat up all this cooked food before it goes bad!

And then I topped some of the eggplant slices I made earlier with a new kind of vegan "lunch meat" that I found at Whole Foods. This is SOOO good, by the way! :)

(There were many more slices of eggplant and lunch meat eaten!)

Today I started off with a lovely omelet filled with the veggie mixture I made and a little provolone cheese, and topped with salsa. (Hallelujah! She actually ate something more interesting for breakfast!)

I was definitely still hungry so I had a piece of toast with almond butter.

I may have had a second piece as well! You'll be seeing a lot more almond butter in the next few days! This stuff is one of the best things I've ever eaten!

And I had a busy day today, so I packed this ridiculously delicious sandwich: AB and sliced peaches!

And yes, I spread a li'l AB on the other piece of bread, too. It's OK, you can be jealous. Yeah, I'm jealous that I got to eat something so delicious!

And I ate the rest of peach, too.

I also packed a Luna bar and some almonds, but I didn't need the almonds.

And after a very long day, I came home and made myself a delicious dinner to sit down to and read with:

It's more eggplant with two kinds of lunch meat, some spaghetti squash, some veggies and a glass of red wine! So very good! Good enough for seconds!

And don't forget about dessert:

That might or might not be topped with more almond butter! Augh--this stuff is so addicting. But trust me; it's a very happy addiction. :)

And I have two more random pictures on my camera. First, my breakfast yesterday was a delicious bowl of oat bran with AB, grapes and cottage cheese.

And what post of mine would be complete without some chocolate? Right, that's what I thought!

Gotta get those antioxidants in! :)

Here are some awesome giveaways!

-NiftyEats is giving away Dr. Kracker products!
-Prior Fat Girl is giving away some of her favorite things.
-Justine is giving away a coupon for a free Kombucha...that most delicious fizzy fermented drink! Yum!
-Missy is giving away Zevia diet sodas! I've wanted to try these for so long but I can't find them near me!

It's now after midnight here and I have to get up early to play violin at my church in the morning. And I have a big show tomorrow afternoon with a rock band, so I better get some sleep! Good night!


  1. Omg wow wonderful eats again! I love how colourful your foodies are and I really want to try almond butter now haha. Playing at weddings does sounds really special, you are so talented. Ah I've been looking everywhere for luna peppermint bars! Looks really good. :)

  2. Peppermint luna is my favorite, and I love your veggies. I've only played at a wedding reception once, so mostly I (mostly with this gig club we have at school) play at school events. But next saturday, 5 of us are playing at the mall, so that should be fun. I love violin :-)

  3. I really need to try spaghetti squash!! And I am craving ice cream sooooo much right now.

  4. I'm a huge fan of spaghetti squash, what are your favorite sauces, spices, etc for it?

  5. I just love TJ Maxx, that's where I fins all m workout clothes!

  6. I've only been to a couple weddings, and have never been in any! Sad I know! Especially considering I have a great amount of friends/family! Haha...
    Broc with hummus sounds good! I totally get it :D

    Banana bread...MM! Never get tired of that stuff!
    <3 jess


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