Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's 09/09/09

Woohoo! We only have three more times like this (10/10/10 next year, 11 and 12) before such dates are gone for a very long time. I'm such a nerd--why do I find this cool? ;-)

My days have been busy getting for my first ever studio recital which is coming up this Sunday! I'm so excited to have 15 of my own students performing and we're having a reception afterward that many of the parents were eager to help out with. It should be a great event!

I know it's been a few days since I've posted, but I've had some lovely eats recently.

Two of my very similar breakfasts. I eat a lot of cereal in the summer months. I usually mix high fiber cereal with a little granola, fruit and milk. Plus coffee. :) And yes, the meals are eaten in front of my computer with messy papers all around. Sorry! I get so jealous of all the bloggers that have such amazing clean and beautiful houses and computer desks!

This salad was a highlight! (I had another one just like it the next day!)

This had:

-sauteed cabbage/onion
-turkey lunch meat
-a little dressing

A random snack. I've been figuring out that --for me--eating a higher fat and lower sugar diet is really working! I've even been cutting way back on fresh fruit, in addition to most processed stuff. (For meals at least. Chocolate is the exception to this rule.) I feel so much better ordering sandwiches with cheese and sauces with fat in them (think like Subway with Chipotle dressing, rather than their fat free honey mustard--which I also like, but I'm just thinking in terms of how it makes me feel). I really relate to a lot of what Heather says and I love the way she eats. In fact, I kind of admire her and I would love to adopt more of her nutritional habits!

And for an amazing superfood-filled breakfast I present to you:

-2 eggs, scrambled with broccoli
-sweet potatoes
-frozen strawberries

And for the highlight of my week, my boyfriend bought me dark chocolate covered cherries "just because." Yeah, that's right--be jealous. ;-)

I might or might not have consumed more than a single two-piece serving size! They are seriously one of the best things I've ever tasted. I believe the term "Mouthgasm" is VERY appropriate to use here! :)


*contented sigh*

OK, I'm off to do some errands:

-Grocery store
-Gym (?!)
-Post my first ever Operation Beautiful notes

Then teaching for an hour and playing a church service tonight.

Hope everyone's having an awesome 09/09/09!


  1. Great eats!! And good luck with your recital this weekend, that's so exciting!

    Haha I know you're not a stalker, so weird that I showed up in your dream though, especially with the wrong color hair! :)

  2. Awesome eats! How sweet of your boyf! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful rest of the day!
    <3 jess

  3. Hope the recital prep goes well! I'm always eating in front of my computer, too, haha. I'm worried one day that all my coffee will spill onto my computer!

    We learned in class that fat may slow the glycemic response, so that's why your body may be preferring it, if that makes sense. I always ate eggs before performances. :-)

  4. Teeehee your bf is so good to you! He's a real keeper! Lovely eats. I've always wanted to try the operation beautiful thing, but I'm always so scared to post the stickers and then get into trouble for "littering"...


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