Monday, September 28, 2009

Blah day.

Good evening everyone. It's Monday around 9pm and I wanted to recap my day quickly, because there were some lovely eats. As for exercise...does a 40 minute walk and a few push ups count? ;-) Honestly, it's getting colder here (= 50 degrees is cold for me!) and although I don't want to make excuses, it made it really hard to want to exercise. (And my gym was closed for Yom Kippur.) So I just enjoyed the walk.


I did sign up for a 5K race this Sunday at the local zoo! It should be super cool, because I'm heard that you can see the animals while you run! And all the proceeds benefit the zoo, so it doesn't matter that I will probably have to take many walking breaks. Plus, my boyfriend is running it with me! I'll let you know how it goes!

Onto my food.

I made a bowl of oat bran today, but I need to switch it up soon, because I didn't enjoy this very much. *Gasp*

-ground flax
-some black grapes cut up
-1/2 a banana
-cottage cheese

With coffee:

Then I was literally on the computer all morning (blog addiction! But don't tell anyone!) until lunch. (Wow, that really makes it seem like I have no life!)

I made this lovely meal:

Started with this:

(one zucchini, 1/4 white onion with EVOO and garlic)

Then I added this to the pan, which was EXCELLENT, by the way!

Leftovers in the pan:

Up close and personal:

With dry toast. I hate butter! I do salt it though--is that weird?

Went out for a walk, did some work around the house, overall it was a very lazy day! I need to do something with myself in the mornings! But tomorrow and Wednesday I have LONG days of baby-sitting 8:30am-12:30pm, then teaching all afternoon (3-8 and 2-8 respectively) both days! So I'll keep busy enough. And I'm honestly exhausted. I have no idea why, but I considering getting in bed right after I finish this post to be asleep by 10pm. That's super early for me, but my body is asking for sleep. I don't see why I should fight it. I just hope I'm not getting sick! (By the way, I sleep a ridiculous amount--like I think I need 9 to 10 hours each night (does anyone know why this is?!?) and the past 2 nights have been closer to 6, so maybe that's why!)

How much sleep do you get every night? How much do you think your body really needs and does its best at?

I use to survive on 3-6 hours in grad school, but I felt awful all the time. Now my body has rebelled and insists on at least 6-8 every night, but more like 9-10 is better!

Back to food though. I had a quick snack before teaching from 5-7pm.

And finally for dinner, I made soup and toast, because I have been freezing for the past 3 days! I wanted something warm!

I ate the whole can. Everyone knows there is not really two servings in there!

Toast with cheddar cheese!

And since I have been hungry ALL DAY (argh!) I made a dessert sampler plate--YES, this is a VERY good idea, in case you were wondering!

-1/2 a banana
-1 Kashi Trail Mix cookie
-1 square amazingly ridiculously good 70% dark chocolate bar from Whole Foods!
(And unpictured, I had sugar free hot chocolate with this!)

**Edit: I'm not going to lie. I had two more squares of dark chocolate, more PB and the other half of the banana! Such is life!**


Onto other matters. I have been given this award by Kris and Nancy!

Thank you girls!

And for my nominations, I present this to:

1) Michelle: She's doing clinical rotations in Minnesota, but this girl's a Pittsburgher at heart and we share that love! She also a darn good runner, but sadly I don't share that with her!

2) Emily: Studying hard to be a dietician, completing an awesome internship, and the first (and to date, only!) food blogger I've gotten to meet in real life!

3) Heather: I love her eating style and her general positive attitude. Such an inspiration!

4) Caitlin: She's a wildly popular food blogger (for good reason!) and she probably won't ever even see this, but I just had to give her an award for all of her accomplishments, her general outlook on life and her endless energy! She pretty much amazes me EVERY SINGLE TIME she posts!

5) Jess: She's still in high school but this girl knows what she wants from life and has her stuff together! And she has a kick a%& blog, too!

6) Sarah: What an amazing runner she is, regularly hitting the double digits of miles! I think if you added up my mileage for the whole week, it still wouldn't break the big 1-0! Plus, she's freaking hilarious in her writing style!

7) Sophia: This girl is living life fully in Southern California as she embarks on her college career! I'm so proud of her for fully beating ED (from one recovered woman to another!) and we share the experience of both being missionary kids! (More about this in a future post!)


OK, I'm going to get in bed and read about teenage vampires. (A.k.a, Breaking Dawn, or the 4th and final book in the Twilight series, which I just started for my FIRST TIME!)

Have a wonderful night everyone! No post in the morning tomorrow because it's an early morning for me. Goodnight!


  1. Haha totally agree about the soup. I still measure my food for certain items, and those cans totally rip you off with there not quite "2 servings" lol. I need a lot of sleep, but its kind of wierd, if I wake up between 5-6am, I'm fine, but if I wake up 6-7am I'm exhausted. i guess I sleep the lightest betwen 5-6. And yes, 40 minute walk is exercise. You don't always have to break out into manly dripping sweat haha, to count as exercise. Walking is very good for you :-) And very calming

  2. Go you! Conquer that 5K! :)

    Loving the food posts...and do rest up! Sleep deprivation ain't fun! I get about 6 hours sleep on average, which is just plain pathetic!

  3. I don't eat much chocolate, but when I do dark chocolate is my favourite.

    Congrats on the award.


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