Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rough day and it's only noon.

Happy Wednesday everyone! In explanation of my title, this day is already off to a rough start. I woke up feeling still tired, this head cold is NOT going away, I have a headache (unknown reason) and sore shoulders (stress, probably?), and my finger infection is DEFINITELY coming back, but on a different finger. I thought the antibiotic was supposed to get rid of that! I'm going to try and still make the best of this day, so I'm going to shower (after blogging), go to the gym to try and get some feel-good endorphins going, then come home and change into a cute outfit to feel as good as possible. I really try to be happy all the time on this blog, and I don't feel THAT miserable. Really, I think it's all a state of mind and I really do think you can STRONGLY affect how you're feeling at any given time, even if circumstances aren't in your favor.

*Smiles and decides to have a good day, anyway!*

I had a long day of teaching yesterday, so I wasn't able to get a post up. But here's what I've been enjoying yesterday and today (so far).

Breakfast today:

I'm sorry that these are blurry. The lighting in my new house really sucks! But it's oat bran with:

-cottage cheese
-two kinds of PB
-carob chips

With coffee and a glass of FRS low calorie energy to drink.


(That sectional divider idea is 'stolen' from the lovely and amazing Gliding Calm!)

Yesterday's lunch:

Sandwich on this bread:

With this hummus (NOT my favorite; it's kind of dry and unflavorful and I won't buy it again!):

With this turkey breast. It was a little expensive, but after seeing Food Inc, I'd really like to start buying more meat from humane, sustainable sources, both for my health and for the sake of the farmers that are still trying to be ethical and good stewards of the earth.

And the sandwich had spinach and sauteed veggies. With cherry tomatoes on the side.

I had stopped for a few groceries on my way home before lunch:

Yesterday night, I bought some snacks to have before I started teaching for 5 hours over a dinner hour (3:30-8:30).

I crave red and orange bell peppers all the time. I REALLY wish they weren't so expensive. For example, at $3.99/lb, this ONE was over $2! But they are SOOOOO delicious!

Ditto. Why can't my favorite foods be cheaper?!

These are (in my humble opinion) THE BEST crackers out there. I love these to a ridiculous amount! I can eat way too many servings at one time, and I had quite a few crackers both at 3pm and after teaching on my way home at 9pm!

I drank this while teaching.

And ate this quickly during a short break around 6pm. It was pretty gross. Definitely had a pretein-y taste and just wasn't very appealing. Meh--not so great.

But breakfast yesterday was fantastic!

Oat bran with a peach, a fig, cottage cheese, pumpkin and 2 kinds of nut butters. :)

And lastly, two random snacks:

Which are both self-explanatory.

AnAppleADay is giving away Nutridel Cookies! These look so yummy and healthy!

Have a great hump day!


  1. Hi I just started reading your blog. It's really good and motivating for me for recovery. I'm a violin playing orch dork. :-P Your meal choices all look and sound so yummy, love it so much. Just a thought: Idk but i think if you give workouts a rest, it might be easier for the cold to go away. But I understand the healthy feel good endorphins part but I really work on countering ED and giving myself rest when I need it. But of course, if you feel up to it, go for it!

  2. Sorry you're not feeling well! Hope you have a great workout and end feeling much better :)

    Love your eats! Mmm that oat bran looks fabulous!
    <3 jess

  3. I hope your day gets better soon. Oh sometimes the grocery store I work at have sales where the peppers are lik 0.99/lb. I like raw bars but sometimes I also need a little more so I get certain protein bars that don't taste bad. I usually get a brand called "SoLo". They have flavors like berry bliss (my fav), chocolate, and peanut butter. I totally agree! Alot of foods that I love are incredibly expensive. Your breakfasts are so pretty, I know that sounds weird, but you are so patient with cutting up the fruits and everything. I usually use the instant packages and be done with. I must start learning from you!

  4. Hope you feel better soon! Being sick and hurting is no fun.

    I had the same thoughts after Seeing Food, Inc. I just don't view eating meat the same way any more!


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