Thursday, September 10, 2009

I need an earlier bedtime.

I have a bad habit of staying up way too late, partially due to my lifestyle (as a musician, all of my work is done in the afternoons and evenings) and partially due to my body clock (I've been going to bed late since I was a kid and all through college and everything). And by "way too late" I'm talking like going to bed around 3am! Yeah, I know. I then sleep in till 9 or 10 every day, but still end up feeling tired due to only getting 6 or 7 hours of sleep. I really need at least 8 most nights. I NEED to be more disciplined about crawling into bed by midnight or so!

But at least I woke up to a lovely breakfast today:

-Oat bran (~1/3C?)
-a few carob chips
-frozen strawberries
-cottage cheese
-PB (with a little extra stirred in that you can't see)

With coffee and FRS low calorie energy drink. So good.

Yesterday's breakfast:

Yesterday was a "weird" food day. By that I mean that I started off with that amazing bowl of oat bran and then I was driving a lot/doing work and didn't get hungry until I was ravenous (does that ever happen to you?) but I had no time to get food, so I just ate a lot of cashews that were in my car. (Probably 600 calories worth--but that was my entire lunch). The good thing about this is that I felt great all afternoon and never even got very hungry for dinner. Eventually though I figured I needed to eat something, so I roasted a butternut squash and an eggplant (both drizzled in olive oil) and had probably twice as much as on this plate:

I'm having fun experimenting with my body's preference for fat over carbs. (Sorry, I know I've mentioned this before. I don't mean to beat a warhorse to death, but I find it very interesting. Bear with me, or just skip ahead. Haha.)

The point is that I really appreciate not feeling hungry all the time, even though I was still eating a fair amount of fat before, I feel better on slightly more. (I haven't counted calories or fat grams, so I have no idea what I'm consuming normally, which I'm happy about.) I haven't changed anything else in my diet, except being pretty intentional to consume less sugar during meals from all sources, including fruit, and adding more healthy fats, yet I've been feeling thinner recently and much more importantly, my mood has really improved! (And when I hopped on the scale it was the lowest number I've seen for a while, but I DON'T care about that any more. I was just curious.)

I'm sorry; I'm just rambling now. And I'm sure that what seems to be good for me won't necessarily be good for any one else. *shrugs* I'm done. On to a more interesting topic: books. I just finished this one by Jen Lancaster.

She is such a hilarious author! I HIGHLY recommend these books when you're looking for very light and humorous reading. :)

And I just started this one. It's also very good. I'm going through a light reading stage, but I'm OK with that. Maybe I should read War and Peace next, to counteract these. ;-)

It's a very cute, feel-good story. It's fiction but could definitely have been a memoir as well.

I'm off to practice (I have to play also at my kids' recital on Sunday!) and design programs for it. Then my afternoon looks like this:

-drive home
-teach one more lesson at home

Done at 8pm tonight. Hope you're all having a great day!


  1. Wow, looks like some great books:)

    Seems like an interesting keep up with how it goes! And you breakfast totally made me feel hungry...very pretty too!

  2. Love those big, yummy bowls of oat bran! YUM!

    Hope you had a fabulous day!!
    <3 jess


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