Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some days are just three cookie kind of days!

Hah! And I should add "plus chocolate chip banana loaf" and "mini black and white cookie" and "cinnamon coffee cake" to my title, but it would have been too long. ;-)

In all seriousness, today was a crappy day. And I know I caved sweets more than normal, both because of the frustrating day but also because that's what my body wanted. And I can honestly say that I'm proud of myself for EATING what I wanted and not worrying that it was A LOT of carbs and not exactly nutritionally dense. I don't do that all the time, but it was definitely in order today. (Also I can honestly say it WASN'T a binge, because I've done that in the past many times but I'm finally truly over that). Additionally, I didn't end up going for a workout because I started to feel really hungry right when I was going to leave and I hate working out when I'm hungry. (I did that for LONG ENOUGH, thank you!)

So anyway, a quick recap of my eats. Get ready for one of my least nutritious days in a long time:

After my healthy breakfast, I got hungry for more real food. So I made a sandwich similar to the one from yesterday. One of my roommates got home as I was making it, so I'm using a recycled photo. The only difference is that I added cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce to it.

Then my sweet tooth struck!

This was about half of a chocolate banana loaf from Starbucks! One of my favorite things! So delicious!

And a mini home made black and white cookie:

And then I left the house and had over the course of the next several hours, while driving to and from gigs and teaching, *3* Kashi dark chocolate oatmeal cookies. *drools*

And finally, I had a teensy bite of a cinnamon coffee cake.

(This was the full amount I had).

Additionally, yesterday night I had 2 glasses of this red wine, and I'll be having another one shortly here:

And in good news, my doctor said they can forward over the antibiotic prescription to my pharmacy tomorrow so that I can start those for my finger, which should help. But I thought when you take an antibiotic, it should have gotten rid of the entire virus from my system! Why did it come back?!?! Well, it'll get better tomorrow, when I can start the next round of antibiotics!

Well, I think I'm playing Scrabble with my bf and drinking red wine tonight. I hope you're all having a great evening!

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  1. Haha, that certainly ISN'T a binge, nor was it particularly unhealthy either! That is just abt how a normal person eats...No worries, and I'm proud you didn't let that obsess you! :D


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