Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New York, New York, here we come!

Woohoo! I'm so excited! I have 3 days in a row coming up with no gigs or teaching (which is highly unusual for me! There have been streaks where I've taught at least one lesson and/or played a gig for over 50 days in a row!) and my boyfriend was able to request off from work. So we're going to go to NYC for a mini-vacation! I'm so excited! We're driving up there and planning on seeing all the "tourist-y" things because I've only been there twice and both times it was to play a show, so there was really no sightseeing time. So we're going towards the end of May and I'll let you guys know all about it! I'm so glad my boyfriend enjoys traveling because so do I and I really want to be able to do more of it!

What's your favorite place you've ever traveled to? How long were you there for? What was the coolest thing you saw? What was the best meal you ever had while traveling?

I had a great breakfast today:

With Komodo Dragon coffee:

-1/2 C oats
-1/2 C pumpkin
-2 tsp flax
-2 tsp noni juice
-1 TB trail mix (finished it)
-3 cashews (finished them--must buy more soon!)
-sprinkling of soy nuts
-4 strawberries (plus many more eaten plain! One of the absolute best parts of summer! Fresh, relatively inexpensive strawberries! Woooo!)
-Chocoholic strikes again, AKA chocolate covered espresso beans and carob chips
-small spoon of PB

Hah! Does anyone else go a little overboard with oatmeal toppings?

I didn't get to the gym yesterday, but I really want to go today and fairly soon! I have a busy afternoon with teaching from 2:45-6:30pm and then driving roughly an hour to play a Cinco de Mayo gig (on ses de mayo--haha!) from 7:15-10pm tonight! (They know that I'll be running late and they're OK with that.) So this morning I need to workout but I also need to get some good practicing in. Yesterday was productive in the I caught up on some blog reading (*wink*), tried this new product from WFs (which was a little too runny for me, but it smelled great!)

did laundry, and set up an escrow account at my bank for my taxes (since everything I do is independently contracted, I have to make sure I'm basically withholding taxes from myself.) before I taught all evening. I made this for dinner/snacks:

Tuna sandwich with Miracle Whip and avocado on amazing whole grain bread! I ate one of these on Monday night also and it's INCREDIBLE! I've always loved canned tuna! :)

Seriously, are you jealous yet?

Tomatoes and brussel sprouts.

I ate this before I left my house. It was about 1/2 a carton of Greek yogurt with maybe 1/2 C MixMyGranola.

On my way home I also ate an apple, several chocolate rice cakes that I picked up at the grocery store and I had a Clif Z bar. My grocery shop was mainly for fresh produce and I got:

-green onions
-1 cucumber
-green cabbage

-4 sf/ff yogurts
-ff cottage cheese
-whole grain pretzels (these Herr brand are THE BEST pretzels I've EVER had and they have flax seeds and lots of fiber in them! Seriously, if you find them in a store near you, BUY THEM!! Maybe I'll have to do a giveaway of them, because they are THAT good!)
-chocolate rice cakes (made with brown rice, at least!)

-hair gel
-hair spray

Almost too exciting for words. Haha, not really, but at least my deodorant smells pretty! ;-)

In the world of giveaways, there are a couple going on right now.

Don't forget to enter my PB Loco and bars giveaway!

Megan is giving away some Mighty Maple and Dark Chocolate PB plus some dark chocolate and two bars. Umm, this is SOOO my kind of giveaway!

Danica's Daily is giving away Annie's Mac and Cheese! I love Annie's! :)

Jen at Prior Fat Girl is giving away Holey Donuts! I want to try these so badly but they don't fit into my budget!

You can also request some free Playtex Sport tampons here. Hey, free is free!

I haven't posted a gymnastics video for a while, so here's one of my favorite gymnasts from the 1996-2000 era, Yelena Prudunova from Russia. I love how strong and powerful she is! She has some great tumbling in this routine from the 2000 Olympics team finals. Enjoy!


  1. It's hard to pick one place but I'd have to say when I went to Europe (Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Liechenstein) for 11 days and the Carribean the first time - St. Thomas (10 days). I LOVED everything about both places and would defintely go back to either!

    Avocado really does make everything better!

    Thanks for the Annie's mac and cheese contest shout out! Good luck!

  2. my fav travel spot is probably aruba - I just looove the beach, the palm trees, and the weirdest/best thing I had was a smoothie with aloe vera!

  3. Oh my gosh, those pretzels are seriously AMAZING! Like the best pretzels I've ever tasted in my entire life. I could sit and eat a whole bag no problem. And I have trouble finding them in Pittsburgh, so I always get a few bags when I come home and all my classmates try to bum them off me. I'm thinking of holding a fundraiser for myself and selling pretzels to my class. Because they really are THAT GOOD.

  4. Michelle, selling those pretzels is a great idea! I absolutely can't get enough of them! I'm lucky to be able to find them in most grocery stores around here. I think your fundraiser sounds like a great idea. :)

  5. iloved going to College Park, MD. random i know, but it is a great area!

    then up next is MIAMI.. i love love love south beach! so awesome!

    what are the dates you are coming to NY? will it be a weekend? etc? one of my friends is coming from Edmon to NY at the end of May and then he is shooting up to Boston.. if you guys are here at the same time, i am sensing a sick day for Amy.. lol ; )


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