Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm off to the NYC!

Good evening! It's late on Wednesday night and my boyfriend and I are leaving for New York City early tomorrow morning! I wanted to get one more blog post up and then I'll be out for three days, so bear with me. No need to send out the missing persons search team just yet. ;-) I'll try to take some cool pictures to share with you when I'm home on Sunday!

But I'll have to leave you with my yummy eats from the past couple days to make up for a 3 day hiatus. I'm also the tiniest bit tipsy from drinking two Blue Moons with my boyfriend. Shhh, don't tell anyone. :) Yay for "drogging" = drunk blogging. (I'm not really all that drunk!)

Today was a great day. It started off with a similar breakfast as yesterday's. The only difference was that I filled the omelet with some sauteed veggies that I made on Tuesday night. (Scroll down for more pictures). Yes, I had an adorable muffin again! Thanks for your comments. They are delicious and adorable and I actually had two with breakfast, even though only one got its picture taken! :)

Then I played racquetball for about an hour, probably burning around 400 calories. And way more importantly, it was fun! On my way home, I stopped by the Apple Store to buy my iPod!! I desperately needed one, as I've been rocking my 512MB 1st generation iPod Shuffle for the past 6 years! So I bought myself a 120GB iPod Classic, plus an armband for workouts! I'm in awe of it! I'll cringe when I get my credit card statement, but it's something I've really wanted for a long time, and it's a tax deduction for next year, seeing as I'm a full time, professional musician. How convenient. :) Here it is, in all its beauty!

It will also provide me and my boyfriend with way more exciting music to listen to on the way to NYC! :) By the way, I'm currently in love with the band Okkervil River and I'd highly recommend checking them out! They are a perfect blend of folk rock and a tiny bit of experimental! Great use of instrumentation, good lyrics, very catchy!

I have always been a Mac and Apple products user! I grew up with them, and will continue to use them exclusively! :) I love the layout, the usability, the reliability, and pretty much everything about their products. What about you? Are you a Mac or PC user?

I came home and wasn't too starving, so I pushed lunch back. I ate around 2pm when I had to get ready to teach. I had a simple lunch of 1/2 C ww pasta, LF feta cheese and some more sauteed veggies. Simple, fast, healthy. Yay. I also had an Oikos 0% Greek Yogurt with some cereal.

Then I taught and play for 4 hours and after the church service that I play they had free brownies and cookies for us. I grabbed these.

Honestly the cookie wasn't that good and I only ate two small bites of it. But I devoured the whole brownie, as it was DELICIOUS!

And I had some bar snacks (= pretzels, cheese puffs and Doritos snack mix) at the bar right next to my house, while drinking the beer. I am of the opinion that treating oneself, even multiple times every single day, is PERFECTLY acceptable and that you shouldn't spend ANY life energy on hating yourself over what you ate! I felt this way for long enough as a younger girl and now I appreciate food for its life giving qualities, and let's face it: it's delicious and pleasurable. There's NOTHING wrong with that.

Anyway, I had some healthy eats yesterday and some not so healthy eats. Here you go:

Peanut butter, carob and agave nectar sandwich.

With an apple.
A large half of a Cranberry Orange Zone Perfect bar. Not my favorite, but they had been discontinued when I bought them and they were cheap. And they're not bad, just not my favorite.

Some broccoli and other veggies that my roommate made and said I was welcome to have some of.

A pecan-raisin roll from Whole Foods. It had some whole grains in it, but the first ingredient was enriched flour. Oh well, not my first choice, but so delicious!

Some decadent chocolate cake! (Only ate half yesterday, and just polished off the remaining bit!)

I packed this bar yesterday, but didn't end up eating it until today, and even then I only ate half of it.

A couple giveaways going on in blogland:

Aimee at The Healthy Lawyer is giving away Stoneyfield Farms coupons and products!

AnAppleADay is giving away some of her favorite products.

Jaime at Fearless, Fabulous, Full of Life is giving away a yoga DVD.

Emily at Curly Top is giving away lots of Newman's Own products!

I'm giving away the most delicious bars I've ever eaten!

Ok, I'm heading off to bed for a lovely 4 hours of sleep. But NYC will be exciting and I'll let you know all about it when I'm home!


  1. Mmmm carob, agave, and PB sandwich looks soo GOOD! So does the chocolate cake!

  2. Love the new ipod. I'm a little jealous, I have to say. Enjoy it!

    Everything looks wonderful, as always.

    HAVE A BLAST in NYC if you don't post again before you leave. I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you. :)


  3. Hooray for an ipod! I'm sure you will make good use of it and load it with tons of great music.

    Your omelet looks delish! I need to start making those again!

    Hope you have fun in NYC...can't wait to read all about it!

  4. Oulala! Yay for a new ipod! Mine is the older silver nano but I rarely use it.

    Cute muffin! And yummy sandwich, I must try those chips in my sandwiches one day.

    Have fun in New York! (I've only been there once, when I was 6). I can't wait to see all zee picturess! :)

  5. yay!!! i cant wait to see the round-up from the trip to NYC!! it will be so fun!

  6. I LOVE my mac laptop, I"m not sure if I could ever go back to having a windows computer.

    Mmmm Blue Moon... one of my favorites!

    Have soooo much fun in NYC!! Can't wait to see some pictures when you get back! :)

  7. I'm a Mac user, def! never turning back!
    and have GREAT FUN in NYC!! how cool! promise to take lots and lots of pics, and you MUST have a wonderful time! I insist! that's your homework there :-)

  8. Hey girl! I hope you're having fun in NYC-but I know you are :) I love your eats--and I also love how you eat intuitively. And I agree, there's no use hating yourself over food! Thanks for the giveaway news!
    <3 jess

  9. I am a PC user, but I couldnt live without my iPod classic! Good buy right there. The cake looks so amazing :)
    <3 Karina


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