Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Just a quick recap of today's breakfast and yesterday since I have a lot to do this morning to get ready for two out-of-town shows tonight and tomorrow. I had been pretty tired yesterday because of two nights in a row with 5 hours of sleep. Like I was actually falling asleep as I was teaching! Tonight I got 9 hours though, and I feel so much better!

For breakfast today I had a slice of WW bread with PB Loco Jungle Banana Peanut Butter, some FF cottage cheese, and a banana. (And coffee!)

Yesterday's workout was 22 minutes on the treadmill and just 10 minutes of quick legs conditioning, because I had to be home to teach a lesson. After teaching I made my lunch, which is what inspired the title of this post.

This is one can of tuna with Miracle Whip, the leftover sauteed cabbage and kale and the leftover corn and black bean salad! Quite yummy!

I also had this bar from Mi.

I started it in the car on the way home from the gym and I finished it after lunch. It was SOOO good! It had a dense texture and was pretty sweet, but also had quite a bit of protein (like more than Larabars, which is good!) and was very large for just 200 calories. I really enjoyed it!

Then I taught 3 lessons at a nearby church and came home to teach one more lesson! It was a long day yesterday! Between them I had one more of the bars Mi sent me! I can't get enough of them and I love trying new things!

And as a random snack yesterday evening I had a handful of almonds with carob chips.

OK, I'm not going to have time to comment on your blogs until Monday morning because my weekend looks like this:
  • Pack/shower/lunch/leave by 2pm today
  • Show tonight, stay overnight somewhere, not sure where
  • Show tomorrow night, drive home (3 hours!) VERY LATE for my schedule
  • Teach Saturday morning
  • Play a wedding on Saturday at 4pm (be there by 2:30pm)
  • *Hopefully* look at apartments on Saturday night!! It's the only time I have this weekend!
  • Church on Sunday morning
  • Teach a private lesson from 1-2pm (plus driving time)
  • Drive two hours out of town to meet my boyfriend's parents. We'll be home later (10pm-ish) on Sunday night.
So yeah, that's it. I'm excited to meet his parents. Not nervous at all. They seem like really cool people and he assures me that they'll love me! So it'll be great! :) My parents are much harder to meet up with since they're on the other side of the country!

This will be my last post until Monday morning.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day and upcoming weekend!


  1. Dang, that Trek bar looks huge. And yummy :)

    You've got a lot going on this weekend! Good luck with it all, and have fun.

    <3 Nell

  2. Have a great weekend and good luck meeting the parents! :)

  3. Hi you! I'm glad you enjoyed your 9 hours of sleep! Your coffee cup is too cute! Trek and Nakd bars look so yummy!

    I hope you have a great time meeting the parents. :)

  4. I'm so glad you got 9 hours of sleep. You deserve it! Yummy eats and that trek bar looks fantastic! Have a great weekend!!!
    <3 jess

  5. Hey darlin! I found your blog from Burp and Slurp's blogroll.

    You sound like a wonderful musician! I always wanted to play the violin, but my mother made me take piano instead...

    Have a great night!

    With Love,



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