Thursday, May 14, 2009

I love Big Lots!

Good morning! I woke up wanting cereal so I had this bowl with TJ's high fiber cereal, half a banana, cashew pieces and FF milk.

I also snacked on more cashew pieces and the other half of my banana with PB.

I briefly mentioned my Tuesday night Big Lots shop but I figured I'd show you the rest of my fun purchases. I found a huge pack of Crest Whitening Products, including two packs of White Strips and two tubes of whitening toothpaste for $35! And the expiration date is pretty far, so they should still be effective! I'm excited because my teeth aren't that bad, but I really want a whiter smile.

Other finds include:
  • two Clif Z bars for $.40 each
  • a bunch of hair ties for $2
  • pre-moistened make up removing cloths for $1 (I tried these and I LOVE them enough to go back and try to buy a couople more packs!! Their scent reminds me faintly of Bath and Bodyworks Cucumber Melon scent!)
  • FiberPlus Antioxidants bars. These are THE most delicious chocolatey snack bars I've ever tried!! If you ever have the opportunity to try these you MUST buy them (specifically the Dark Chocolate Almond flavor. The other one is OK, but not quite as mind-numbingly delicious!) I am a serious chocoholic and I can't fully describe how amazing they are! I first had these at an international music festival in Memphis, TN and my regular grocery store doesn't carry them so I got super excited about finding these for $2 at Big Lots! In addition to being the best tasting snack bars I've ever eaten, they have pretty good nutritionals. Would you all be interested in me holding a giveaway of one box of them?! I'm considering it and I'd love to do so!
I had a little too much unhealthy food AGAIN yesterday. I'm not really too concerned, as I've talked about on this blog before. But I would like to start upping the veggies, drink more water, and cut back on the fried foods. I totally forgot to mention that I had a large serving of onion rings on Tuesday night (and now also Wednesday night! Umm, they were so freaking amazing!) and I've just generally been choosing foods without a ton of nutrition. Reason # 9,385,274 why having an ED sucks: long after recovery, when the periods FINALLY start even THINKING about coming back, you will be super hormonal ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I have a lot of patience with myself because I know my body is doing such a great job of healing itself 100% and it's SOOO close. But to be completely honest (and perhaps TMI) I still have highly irregular periods and many months they don't show up at all. (My periods were completely gone for about 5 years and are finally showing up about 6 years later!!) I am pleased that I haven't had to take birth control to regulate them (I don't have anything against birth control, I just wanted to get my periods back naturally). Anyway, the point is that I'm not one to blame my moods on hormones, but I've just noticed HUGE changes in how I feel from week to week and I've been crying a lot more than normal, over both happy and sad/upset emotions. I'm not a big crier on a regular basis. And the logical side of my brain is (nicely) laughing at the emotional side of me being a woman. The logical side also helps me get through the stupid hormonal weeks by reassuring me that I just have to wait it out, thanks to the damage I did to my body during my ED/DE years. Despite the occasional--ahem, or not so occasional as the case may be--crying, I find it's a beautiful thing to see my body continuing to heal and start functioning again as a woman who will be able to be a mommy someday!

And on that note, here's my mini chocolate snacking episode yesterday:

I also had a handful of carob chips and cashews with the above chocolate.

I went to teach and play from 4-8pm and after the church service that I play from 7-8pm they had delicious orange cake for us:

Sorry for the picture quality. I had to snap it quickly, and I had also already taken a few bites.

The Pens (hockey team!) won the game yesterday, thus advancing to the next round of the playoffs! Woohoo! I had two Labatt's Blue and those onion rings while watching with my friends.

AnAppleADay is having another amazing round of giveaways! I want to win ANY of these products! :)

I'm off to hop in the shower here before rehearsing for two hours with a friend. Then I'll hit the gym, and have a pretty free afternoon until meeting my boyfriend for dinner with the two people he lives with. They're an older couple and they're almost like his family away from home, so it'll be exciting! I haven't gotten a chance to really get to know them yet, so it'll be nice.


  1. yes PLEASE for the give away!!! i have always wanted to try fiber 1 goodies :D

    that is so beautiful what you write about your body healing. i lost my cycle for half a year, and at the time it didn't scare me as much as it should have, and does now. we are baby making machines for gods sakes!! haha. but really, you are doing so great, i am really happy for you.

    and i love the abundance of cashews - my favourite favourite nuts!

  2. Yay for healing~ <3

    I would love to try those bars! How do they stack up to Fiber1?

    LOVE the discount stores! :D

  3. Oh my gosh, I must go to Big Lots!! I think daily chocolate is a MUST! And yayyyyy Pens! Have a great night! :)

  4. Have fun tonight! Big Lots sounds like fun! I think that would be a FAB giveaway-thanks! Love the chocolate :)
    <3 jess


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