Friday, May 1, 2009

Attack of the sweet tooth!

Good morning and happy Friday everyone! Does anyone have any fun weekend plans? Mine include:

-two hour rehearsal with a friend today (he's a guitarist, and I'm practicing my jazz violin improv skills! woohoo!)
-dinner with friends tonight
-small local art festival tonight with other friends. :)
-quick grocery shop for fresh produce (and chocolate covered ginger for my boyfriend--he's never had it so I'm buying him the TJs kind and also some spicy ginger chews!)
-mail a contract for a festival I'm playing at this summer
-teach tomorrow morning
-play with a string trio for a wedding tomorrow afternoon
-teach a couple lessons on Sunday
-hang out with the boyfriend :)
-a couple workouts thrown in there somewhere

Breakfast today was a change of pace. I had two slices of whole grain bread with PB, cottage cheese, a drizzle of agave nectar (in the cottage cheese--this is delicious!) and an extremely overripe (but yummy) banana.

With coffee:

Yesterday my sweet tooth attacked hard. I'm not sure why, and it's really OK, but I ended up eating quite a bit more than I planned. Afternoon recap here. I had some leftover Chinese food for lunch. I actually broke open the egg roll and mostly ate the inside. I don't do this often (too ED-ish) but the egg roll wrapping isn't exactly healthy and I didn't see anything wrong with it.

After lunch I wanted something sweet so I had a Vitatop.

and I ended up also having a Vitabrownie (no picture), a lemon bar, a leftover bite of a cornflake chewy

and a coconut blondie.

In the afternoon I got my free sample of Barney Butter in the mail!!

I immediately had to try one, of course, so I ate a banana with the AB on it.

And a glass of milk on the side.

My workout was a 30 minute run (just under 3 miles) and 14 minutes on the Expresso bike (at a racing pace the whole time! I ended up beating my ghost ride [Ghost rider = previous personal best time] by over 90 seconds!)

My boyfriend and I had dinner together yesterday at a Middle Eastern food restaurant. It's one of my favorites in town because it's healthy, fresh, cheap and absolutely delicious! We split hummus and pitas for an appetizer and then each got the same thing (not planned!) of a charbroiled chicken pita wrap with turnips, tomatoes and some kind of yummy sauce. We also talked for a long time over a drink (singular!); I had a cranberry and vodka. And then we walked for about 20 minutes and talked while eating two squares of Lindt 85% dark chocolate.

During one of my lessons yesterday, the girl I was teaching (who has been studying with me for 3 years) mentioned something about not getting enough calcium and somehow we got on the topics of nutrition and then weight. And she told me (confided in me?) that she is scared to gain weight, despite being (at least up to this point) naturally thin. She is vegetarian (probably because it's the popular thing to do among her friends, which is fine; it's much less fine if she's doing it to restrict more kinds of food to eat) and she is very active. But a HUGE red flag went up for me when she said that. I have had one student in the past who was also a young girl, around 13 years old, who struggled with anorexia. I noticed almost immediately as I had those same struggles in the past. It's fairly easy for me to tell the difference between when someone is naturally thin (or even, God forbid, has an illness like cancer or something) and when someone has an ED. I don't mean to sound flippant at all but you can just tell by the look in their eyes; anorexia steals the sparkle and joy from them. Their vivacity and spirit are just gone, or very close to gone. I'm not talking so much about the physical appearance; I almost think the lifelessness is sadder to see. I remember in my recovery that people made comments all the time about how pretty my smile was, and how much happier seemed, etc. I realized the meant that, ESPECIALLY now looking back at pictures from that time. *Shudders* Anyway, the whole point of this is to say that I got a little worried about my one student from yesterday and I will DEFINITELY be keeping my eye on her. I talked to her (in a joking, non-lecturing way) about why it is GOOD to gain some weight while growing up, especially since her doctor is almost yelling at her now because she is a bit too thin, and I reassured her that ALL the guys I talk to (I have MANY male friends!) unanimously agree that they like women that look healthy, curvy and full of life! It's a good thing, and it's beautiful!

In giveaway news, Daily Dulcie is giving away Holey Donuts!

Have an awesome day and weekend! Hopefully I'll be back before Monday morning, but I'm never really sure of how my weekend will unfold!


  1. Mhmm. Yummy eaties!
    I have a massive sweet tooth, too.
    (Shh. Don't tell anyone. =D )

    Wow. I've also noticed how easy it is to tell when someone has an eating/body image disorder, now that I've been through it. You're absolutely right.

    Anyhowz. TGIF! I hope you have a beauteous evening. =]
    Luffs! <3

  2. BARNEY BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!! Never had any, but the idea of little packaged almond butter is enough to make me go crazy! You can like, bring it to the mall and just eat it right there and then (I do weird things like that...)

    Wow, don't you ever get nervous to play at special occasions? I had to play Canon in D minor at a school function, and I was shaking and SO nervous. And yes, I did screw up too. Lol.

    And erm... chocolate covered ginger? Can't say I've heard of it. But cool! My favorite chocolate-covered thing is chocolate-covered strawberrrries!

    You know, after going through this disorder, I can tell if someone has something similar. It sucks because you really want to reach out (literally) and tell them that it's something horrible to go through, it's not fun.

    Well, I really hope that you can help your student to realize that a heathly body is perfect!

    I hope you enjoy all your weekend plans! :D

  3. That's so sad/scary about that girl. I hope you can continue to be a good role model/motivator to her. GREAT eats--everything looks so good. You have a busy weekend!
    <3 jess

  4. It does sadden me how almost every single woman are dissatisfied with their body. I hate how the media and society keeps impying that thin is beautiful, when in fact every woman's body is different and individual! ever since I had an ED, I see red flags of some sort of ED in every woman I see. I really do think ED is the global disease of this century.
    on lighter note, I had middle eastern today too! but I did not like it much...I guess I ordered the wrong things, though. i don't like hummus yet stupidly ordered something similar to it!

  5. Lisa,

    I know what you mean. I can almost always tell in meeting someone if they have an ED. It's like a weird 6th sense...

    I got my Barney butter too. Awesome stuff mais oui?

    With Love,


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  7. you have such busy weekends! :-) so glad that you're enjoying the new boy and thriving with all your musical activities.

    so sad to hear about your student. i hope she can get some help or that she changes courses before it's too late.

    sometimes you just gotta indulge a little on the weekends. :-)

  8. uh oh... its tuesday and you havent posted yet! means the weekend was better than expected?? : )

    i thought of you on sunday i went to a gymnastics competition! it was a great time!


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