Sunday, May 31, 2009

Impromptu blogger meet up + sleep deprivation

I woke up much earlier than expected and even though I wanted to go back to sleep (2:30am-7am is NOT enough!!) my sister was on Facebook chat and we talked for a while. (She's living in India for a year, so I rarely even get to chat on-line much with her due to the 10.5 hour time difference.) So at that point I figured I'd stay up and I made and consumed three cups of coffee! (By the way, last night I slept from 3:30am to 6:30am after driving home from playing a show [more about this coming up.]) I am almost constantly sleep deprived and it makes me appreciate the 9 hour nights I occasionally get! I NEED to be better about prioritizing sleep, but with my fairly busy schedule sometimes it's really hard to do! This is also why I am heavily addicted to caffeine. And I love my life! Even with the nights of 3 or 4 hours of sleep! :)

I had a simple breakfast of a slice of ww bread with PB Loco, cottage cheese and coffee.

Anyway, quick recap: left Thursday afternoon for a Thursday night show. It went well, except that we were playing in a city whose sports team was in the playoffs and there was a home game that night, so almost nobody came to the show, because they were all watching the game! Meh, we still played well. After sleeping in on Friday (yay!) and eating this bar

because I was sickly hungry, we drove to the next city to play. I called Emily, from The Health Nut because I knew she had just finished her thesis defense! (Congratulations, again!) and I was in Columbus, OH. She was available that evening so we got dinner at The Red Door Tavern. I had their Southwest Chicken sandwich and it was great! Grilled chicken with pepperjack cheese and BBQ sauce, plus fries and ketchup.

I also had a Bear Ass Pale Ale while playing:

We played a good show and drove home, getting in around 3am.

On Saturday morning I woke up at 6:30am to drive down to my real home and to teach some violin lessons. I ended up doing something I NEVER do: I stopped at McDonald's and ordered more than just black coffee (although I got that too!) I actually purchased and consumed a sausage McMuffin. I can't say I enjoyed it that much (texture + grease = eww), but the few times I've had them they do a very good job of keeping me full, due to the high fat content (22 grams, according to the package). Plus I had coupons to McDonalds, so it was free! I guess it did the job. NO, I don't intend to eat there very much (I kind of loathe McDonalds, actually), but one time is fine and it was the only thing I had time for.

They included a hash brown which I didn't eat but I had swiped a banana from my friend's house and I also ate that.

Once home, I taught another lesson and played an absolutely BEAUTIFUL wedding! :) And the bride "tipped" the musicians in chocolate! I thought this was a BRILLIANT idea and I might very well do something similar in the future. (It was REALLY nice chocolate! I had some Toffee Bark and a pack of 5 all different truffles!) Here's one of them that I ate:

My afternoon included eating a lot of chocolate and other snacks. Probably due to the 3 hours of sleep, but I think hormones also played a part in it! Do you every have those days where you can eat everything in sight and not even feel full, much less sick? And it's definitely not a binge day (I had those in my ED years) but like I just needed to eat a ton of food? I know my hormones are still being weird and strange and REALLY trying hard to regulate themselves and I think that might have contributed! For example, my body never quite managed to have a period in May. Sorry, I know that is TMI, but I'm just trying to figure out the connection between food and hormones and everything. I'm hoping the period will show up at some point in June. Sheesh, you'd think I could have been smart enough to not screw up my body for 6 years even after recovery, but I guess I messed with it pretty seriously. Interestingly, my WONDERFUL, AMAZING boyfriend knows about my ED years (He asked me specifically after seeing something about it on Facebook) and even saw a picture I showed him of me at my lowest weight, and he is understanding and still loves and cares about me. In his words, "Lisa, I want to love all of you, even all the crap that you've been though"! I am speechless to think how blessed I am to be dating him!

Anyway, finishing up really quickly. I snacked on a wonderful pack of cherry flavored raisins from Mi with some FF cottage cheese.

I had a gazillion squares of a hazelnut chocolate bar also from Mi (pictures in a later blog) and a piece of cinnamon coffee cake from Starbucks. I stared off with thin slices and by the day was over I had consumed the whole thing.

At this point I decided that I really needed to eat something nutritious and substantial so I made a Gliding Calm-style Indian meal. I chopped up 3 carrots, some purple onion and a green bell pepper and sauteed them (sans oil--I figured I'd consumed enough fat that day!)

Then I added this Indian meal and heated it up.

I also cooked some red quinoa and put the Indian dish over top of that.

I had a few bites of chicken for a little more protein.

Off to shower, then church, teach, and meet my boyfriend's parents! Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. Yes, I have days in which I feel like the proverbial bottomless pit. I'm currently on a mealplan, and even though my lunch is mandated to have a staggering number of calories, some days I literally feel famished less than an hour after the meal. Not appetite, just that I want to keep eating, but real hunger. Rather annoying! Then some days I really feel like half the meal could satisfy me for hours. I guess this is the nature of our bodies.

    Glad you had a good time on your trip, I'm sure your performance was fantastic!

  2. Alot of the times I have days where I can eat endless amounts of sugary foods, like candy, cookies, cereal, chocolate... I'm just programmed to enjoy sugar sugar SUGAH!!! Okay, that'll be enough.

    Aww, your bf is so caring! You are one lucky girl1

    Sometimes I have the McDonalds fruit 'n yogurt parfait. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. your life sounds like a whirlwind (in a good/fun way)- I blogged recently about prioritising sleep/health but it's not easy when things are busy!

    I think everyone has days where they just want to eat extra- and my personal opinion is that if your body is asking for it, it's because it needs it.

    Your boyfriend sounds so sweet :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. I don't get enough sleep either!

    Cherry infused raisins?! How cool is that!

    I agree..Starbucks' Coffee Cake= amazing!

    Be sure to check out my giveaway!

  5. Some days I can get loads of sleep (like today) but then other days I don't get enough.
    I too have those days where nothing seems to fill me. It happens to most people every now and then, are bodies must need the extra food.

  6. So good to see you! Glad we could catch up!

    Hope meeting the bf's parents goes well...he sounds like a definite keeper!

  7. oh Lisa! how blessed you are to have a sweet bf like him...and to meet up with another sweet girl like Emily! TOO cool! times our body just needs more food than usual...I say just listen to it real hunger? or just cravings?
    and yeah, I agree with you that McDonald's is crap!

  8. Lucky you!! Glad you were able to meet up with Emily, and your boyfriend=oh so very sweet! Yummy eats--especially that last meal. I think the chocolate idea is a great one!
    <3 jess

  9. Lisa,

    Lucky girl for getting to meet up with Emily.

    The chocolate idea is great! Brilliant. :D

    Have a great night and a wonderful Monday!

    With Love,


  10. Thanks for all your comments! You're all the best! A couple quick things:

    I TOTALLY agree with all of you who said that some days we'll just need more calories, and I definitely give my body what it needs. Another reason to not count calories is that on those days it's easy to freak out when I might be consuming more than normal, but then the next day my body just naturally regulates itself and gets full sooner.

    I agree with everyone who said my boyfriend is a keeper! MOST DEFINITELY! :) More about him in tomorrow's post.



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