Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Being sore feels great!

I woke up nice and sore this morning but it feels great. In addition to the racquetball from yesterday, I also did a bunch of frog jumps (jumping squats) to warm up with and my legs definitely feel it today. Of course, I'm still going to the gym shortly here. :)

The sad news is that the Pens lost the hockey game in overtime, so the 7th game in the series will be played on Wednesday night. Talk about NERVE-WRACKING. Go Pens!

I ate a great bowl of blackberry cashew oats today:

-1/2 C oats
-1/3 C pumpkin
-noni juice (I'll put this in every day to use up the bottle, not because I think it's really as great at it claims to be!)
-ground flax
-a tiny bit of granola to finish it

Yesterday I was hungry all afternoon. A couple pictures:

Tofu with sauteed cabbage, kale, fresh ginger, onion, tamari and hot sauce

Eaten with Ak-mak crackers and hummus

My dinner was this amazing bowl of veggies. Consisted of broccoli, the mixture above (the cabbage/kale/ginger stuff), tofu, and topped with low fat feta cheese! This was incredible and also a HUGE amount of food, which I love!

Fruit for dessert.

Unphotographed foods were 2 Clif Z bars, 2 Miller lite beers (at night with the boyfriend), some chocolate covered espresso beans, and 2 squares of Ghiradelli raspberry dark chocolate. :)

Sweet and Fit is having a giveaway for $10 off a purchase from MixMyGranola.

On my to do list today, before leaving the house to teach at 3:30 is:

-Post office
-Look for housing options for next year!
-Shop, and try to convince myself to buy an iPod. I ONLY have EVER owned an iPod shuffle (*first generation* thank you very much!) It's ironic especially considering that I'm a full-time professional musician. Umm, yes, I might just need to shell out the money for the iPod. My cord on my shuffle pretty much dead and I'd have time today to run up to the Apple store and buy it/load it up with music! Woohoo! Yes, I need to do that. Full report later. :)


  1. Haha! I've got the old ipod nano but my 12-year-old sister has the newest coloured ipod *jealous*. I've never had hummus before, but I have had chickpeas!! Once again, your oatmeal concoction is wonderfully tasty-looking.

    Have a great day!

  2. i'm sorry your team lost! but you had fun all the same and that's what counts :)

    i hope you get an ipod!! i was so sad when my first ever one broke - my dad gave it to me for my birthday, with a special engraved message on the back, so i was heartbroken! i then proceeded to buy another one, lose it in the gym, got given boyfriend's old nano (he has a new one), and then lose THAT in the gym as well. seriously. i am the dumbest. well i have one now that i haven't yet lost... let's hope! cos i loooove love love it :D

  3. Love your oats and the tofu bowls! I love big bowls that fill me up.

    I love my ipod. I just bought one this past year after my very old 512 mb Dell player broke. It's really a great investment.

  4. Hey there!

    Being sore does feel good - I've been just a little sore the past few days, and I've loved every minute of it. It is good to know your body is working.

    Fabulous eats, as always. I'm quite envious of your blackberries.

    Ipod - go for it. I also had a 1st Generation ipod shuffle, but before taking a trip to Greece, I upgraded to an 30 GB video (5G, I think. Not quite sure.) I love it. ... but I have more music than 30 GB, so I still have to pick and chose things.



  5. I have an oldie..Ipod Mini! lol

    "Being sore feels great!"....OH YEA! :D

  6. girl your breakfast looks amazing, i LOOOOVE cashews haha :)
    have a nice day sweetie

  7. Love ALL your eats--everything looks fantasic. I love that cliff bar (the carrot cake). It's one of my faves. I don't think you post too few at all. What has sped me up is windows live. It's pretty easy to download and makes posting a LOT easier. Unfortunately, my computer hates it so I am gonna have to re install it. Anyways, I highly suggest it. Haha, hope get everything accomplished!
    <3 jess


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