Monday, May 11, 2009

Crushing on Sidney Crosby

I'm sorry for this late Monday afternoon post, but I had a busy and productive morning. I slept in a bit (much needed!) until 9:30am and then I made breakfast and read blogs. I had this great bowl of oatmeal:

The usual oats, pumpkin, noni juice, flax and topped with blackberries, cashews and a bit of cereal. I also mixed in a tiny bit of chocolate protein powder, for the protein boost but also because I made them a little too runny today and the protein powder thickens them very well. Later on I added some cottage cheese and a spoon of PB. Lots of healthy calories and it was so amazing! :)

Then a friend and I played racquetball for about 1 hour and 45 minutes! Woohoo! It was an excellent workout and my muscles are still shaking from it, even after basically eating the entire contents of my kitchen (just kidding, but I have eaten a lot of food and I still feel pretty hungry, so I'm not sure what dinner's going to be yet). I have to admit that I'm getting much better at racquetball and I really enjoy it! I look forward to playing every week! Such a fun workout! :)

I came home and taught a violin lesson and practiced for a little bit, and am now catching up on a bunch of e-mails that I'm behind on! I spend quite a lot of time at my computer for my job as a violinist, sending contracts for gigs, e-mailing students about lesson scheduling and the like. So I'm trying to get rid of some of the 250-ish e-mails in my inbox (not all new!) and I'm down to 152 right now, with many more to be filed in the right folders and hopefully to seem less intimidating. Never mind the 479 Google reader posts. I read blogs very quickly and don't ALWAYS comment on them, mostly to save time. But rest assured that if you've ever left me comments, I AM reading yours and I will try to be better about leaving comments.

Oh, and my boyfriend and I are hanging out tonight getting a beer and watching the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game! I love that team and specifically their star player, Sidney Crosby!! He's a remarkably talented, mature and self-assured 21 year old guy. In some ways I kind of relate to him seeming more mature than he is because I've always been the same way. I don't mean that in an arrogant way at all, I've just always been ahead in school, self-sufficient since I was 20, and generally give people the impression that I'm older than I am. And in a typical girl fashion, I do think he's incredibly good looking. :)

Seriously drool-worthy, don't you think?!?! ;-) He's definitely my celebrity crush, much more than anyone else!

My weekend was cool. My Saturday was absolutely insane. My day went like this:
  • Baby-sit 8:45-10am
  • Drive to teach (45 minutes)
  • Teach 11am-1:30pm
  • Drive home (45 minutes)
  • Teach from 3-4pm
  • Sound check and play a show from 5-9:30pm
  • Drive to watch my boyfriend play a show from 10pm-1:30am
By the end of that day, when I went to sleep around 3am) I was seeing double and pretty dizzy from exhaustion. I don't mind that every once in a while, and I'm so grateful to my body for taking care of me, even when I ask a lot from it! :) That's another reason that I try to eat healthfully (and ENOUGH!) and exercise: so that my body can keep up with my ridiculous schedule.

Some random Saturday food pictures (the unhealthy part! Haha, after I just typed the above paragraph!)

Actually, here was my oatmeal first:

I had been cutting up bits of this bar and topping oatmeal all week with it. I'm not sure if it made it onto the blog yet, so there you go. :)

Got to love a FREE non-fat sugar free caramel latte! :)

I adore 3 Musketeers! :)

Obviously, not an every day snack. But it was in my car's glove box and I needed the calories. So I ate it and forgot to take a picture until it was demolished.

Not healthy, lots of sugar, delicious. Hmmm....

OK, back to healthier food on Sunday. The only thing that made it onto my camera was this wrap and some groceries.

This wrap was made with a WW and flax wrap from TJs, low fat feta cheese (see picture below), kale, a tiny bit of leftover fancy German sausage, and tofu. It was REALLY good! :)

Leftovers, which I totally ate!

I had a fantastic and INTENSE 28 minute bike ride. (7.0 miles with quite a bit of grade changes on the Expresso bikes. I beat my previous best time by about 6 seconds! Woo!)

Sunday afternoon grocery shop:

And I ate this apple on the way home.

Check out this article by Kath about loving your body. I think it's interesting, but I don't agree with all of it. I like how she talks about listening to and honoring her body. I totally agree with her that we should be much more concerned with how we feel than with how we look. But I think she puts far too much emphasis on how she became happier after (because of?) losing the weight. I think that happiness is a decision that should be made WITHOUT being influenced by one's weight. Self-confidence should NOT come from how much you weigh, or how much body fat you have or do not have. These things should be COMPLETELY separate and any confusion between the two can lead to dangerous eating patterns. Maybe we're coming at it from different views, since I don't think Kath has ever suffered an ED, but I would have liked the article to place less of an emphasis on her happiness emerging as and after she lost the weight. Just my humble opinion. Do you have any comments on the article?

OK, I'm off to enjoy my evening. Have a good one.



  1. Whoooo you have EXCELLENT taste in hockey teams!!! :)

  2. Heeeey! I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend. And awesome grocery finds.

    I read the article and I felt she was kind of contradicting herself. Like the part where she said she felt happier after losing weight. I'm guessing she got happier because she felt her body image looked better. But the last line "I think we would all benefit if we’d focus more on how we feel and less on how we look." means the opposite. Just my opinion...

    Anywho, see ya!


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