Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Too much processed food!

Somehow this is turning into a food blog, which is perfectly fine, since I wanted that to be at least an aspect of it and I read so many other food blogs that I might as well have my own. This needs to be a relatively quick post, so I'll just get down to yesterday evening and breakfast this morning. In the afternoon yesterday I sipped a Gingerberry Kombucha. They're this new fermented tea drink sold at Whole Foods and the local co-op in town. They're totally raw and have a slight vinager-y taste due to the fermentation. They come in a ton of different flavors and I really like them! I don't necessarilly believe all their health claims, but it's 70 cals for the whole bottle, and probably do have some health benefits. And they taste good. :)

I drank that while I was getting work done on the computer and making calls to various people and businesses. Afterwards, I needed to grab some food because I teach from 4:30 to 8:30 and I leave my house at 3:30. So I grabbed a soy sausage patty (forget the brand) and dipped it in mustard. It has a lot of protein which is needed to hold me over. I also had a carrot with it.

Then the "main course" was a slice of FF cheese on toast with salsa:

I really like this salsa. It's from WF of course (yes, I shop there way too much!)

And another slice of toast with sunflower seed butter, FF cottage cheese and a little "juice" from my roommate's experiment of a cherry and lemon crisp. She used real lemons though, so it's super sour. I actually really like it; it just needs to be mixed into things like yogurt or it could even serve as an ice cream topping. (I'm not a big ice cream person though!)

The bread:

The crisp:

And I finished with an apple with more sunflower seed butter.

And a few dark chocolate squares:

Then I packed a dinner of ww noodles, a Quorn cutlet, broccoli and spaghetti sauce:

And this morning, I woke up late (accidentally turned my alarm off--not that it mattered, because I don't really have to do anything until I teach at 4). I wandered to the kitchen, turned on the coffee pot and cut up a mango. I ate the whole thing, 1) because it was delicious, 2) because I didn't want to save it and it's really not that big considering the seed in the middle, and 3) because it needed to be eaten before I leave town.

In oatmeal this morning:

1/2 C dry oats (150)
1/2 scoop protein powder (60?)
1 TB (?) ground golden flax seed (40?)
splash of FF milk (10?)
2 TB (?) dried fruit trail mix (80?)
1 carob vegan energy chunk (60?)

=400 plus the mango.

I'm not REALLY counting cals, and I'm still not measuring, but I want to try and lower cals JUST A TINY BIT. Plus, I'm probably going to the Whole Foods chocolate sampling tonight at their store.

All together. Read the penultimate chapter in Eclipse with breakfast. It's SO CUTE! :)

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