Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stuff White People Like!

The first blog I read was and I still follow many food blogs. (Shout out to Gliding Calm, Heather Eats Almond Butter, Eat Live Run, For the Love of Peanut Butter, and many others!) But I didn't want to start an exclusive food blog because I might get obsessive about it. I have spent enough time in my life obsessing over food as I had and then recovered from an eating disorder in my teenage years; there will definitely be more posts about this in the future. I have so many other wonderful things in my life that are just as exciting. However, I still am really interested in food and nutrition, so I'll probably mention a lot of my meals and maybe even sometimes count calories. I definitely don't count obsessively and I have recovered completely from the ED to the point where MANY times I won't count at all. I am extremely thankful that I have recovered as I don't ever have any "food fears" (although I did for YEARS after ED treatment and even after gaining to a healthy weight. I maintain my weight on roughly 1800-2200 calories a day, which is a minor miracle considering how badly I screwed up my body and my metabolism for a while. But more on that later....) Back to my point of my delicious breakfast:

1/3 cracked wheat cereal (used up the box)

3/4 scoop vanilla whey protein powder (I really like this stuff-I feel mch better on higher protein levels, due to an ongoing battle with keeping my blood sugar high enough. I've had major problems with hypoglycemia after being anorexic; at one point after a glucose tolerance test it dropped to 31!! As I recovered, the hypoglycemia has gotten a bit better, but I still eat pretty frequently and can always tell when my blood sugar is dropping. It's NOT a pleasant feeling!)

2 TB PB (I accidentally bought the "natural" stuff with palm oil and sugar...NOT my first choice, but again--so much progress from my ED when I would've just thrown the whole thing out and I wouldn't have grabbed it so quickly without spending copious amounts of my life energy to figure out the 'best' peanut butter. I DEFINITELY prefer stuff that is just "peanuts and salt". Like many other "true" food bloggers, I am IN LOVE with Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Cashew Butter and to a lesser extent Sunflower Seed butter and Soynut Butter. They are one of my favorite foods (although I have A LOT of favorite foods! :) )

Handful of grapes (my color scheme is appropriate!)

1 chopped fig (the white kind, says it has 60 calories per fig on the Whole Foods bulk bin where it's from)

Some baby carrots (which used some of the PB)

= 570ish.

And my blood sugar is threatening to drop which means I'll need to grab a couple bites of cottage cheese or something.

Anyway, I'm going to hit the gym today. I actually don't have anything on my agenda, but I can still be productive. There might also be some reading involved. I'm always reading through at least 2 or 3 books at a time. Last years I read 29 books, which doesn't even seem like that many considering it's only February and I'm already through almost 6. I want to read at least 30 and maybe more. We'll see. My latest FAVORITE BOOK is:

"Stuff White People Like" by Christian Lander. He started a blog about it too: and the whole thing is BRILLIANT!

I found that I related to so many entries. I figure if I can laugh at myself for holding so many white stereotypes, everyone should be able to. Seriously, I can't encourage you enough to read this book. In addition to calling us out on all accounts (he is white too, which makes it even funnier), he points out pretty accurate ways that you can use this information for your own gain around white people. If I had to rate it, I would definitely give it 5 stars! By the way, I love reading and I always have at least 2 or 3 books started and I plan on reviewing others as I finish them.

Alright, I need to continue on with my day, so I'll see you all tonight. I hope your day is EXCELLENT!

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